The remaking of the Transformer :) WIP

Hi guys,

For a while ago I created a Transformer but was not totally satisfied with the result. I then decided to remake it entirely with better mechanics and a clean topology. I build this model after how I want it to be animated. It will totally be rigged by all means. I never had to study mechanics before but had to do it a bit while modeling this. That said, I also used hundreds ref robot pics.

I will start now to rigg this parts before I carry on modeling the rest of the body :slight_smile:

This is a Blender 2.69 production. All compositing and texturering will also be done in Blender.

I hope you like so far :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Drop a few words if you feel for it.


Freaking Awesome!!!

Thanks Marquese :slight_smile:

Looks amazing. Did you know that the ILM transformers did not preserve mass when changing and often intersected? That is the final humanoid form couldn’t actually fit inside the car or truck etc. and the fast blurry motion was used to hide many of the transitions as gears and struts passed through each other.

You may have to decide between how much reality you want in a model or how much cool factor you should achieve.

Yeah 3pointEdit :slight_smile: I knew about some of it! I really will try to challenge myself on that and use every pieces to fit into some kind of own designed vehicule. In fact I will create two different riggs. One for translation and one for transformation. This will be a very big work but I enjoy the challenge.

The point of that is also to implement Blender and see what it is capable of. Have you seen my inspired “pixar” car. It was top row and got into the best artwork forum. In this one, I was implementing Blender Cycles compositing.

I start tomorrow with the first rigg before continuing to model the rest of the body! This Transformer will be able to take every position like sitting, go down on the knees, scratch on the head…and so on :slight_smile:

I suggest removing the tubes until you’re almost finished.

Hi guys I should be working with the rig but ended up playing with the compositing instead That said, I have implemented the Anisotropic shader and I am starting to like what I see This could work for the Transformer


Ooh nice shader!

What does it transforms into?

Thanks 3pointEdit :slight_smile: I will also today implement some spec, nornal and occlusion mapping and add it to this compositing setup. I hope I ´ll make it!

I will create 2 rigs TiagoTiago. One for walking, jumping and like I wrote before, sctrach on the head and a rig for transformation. It will transform to a low kind of motorcycle vehicule of my own design. I have a good plan for that and know exactly how I want it to be.

I am also going to give a go with the VertexColor dirt map to create a bit more of the greasy effect where the different pieces meet.

Almost there or maybe already there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am now done with the implementations of the metal textures and vertex dirt paint for the Transformer. Now it is just to UV map the other parts of the legs, apply the textures and paint dirt. I also use a SPEC, OCC, NORM and Diffuse map together with the Anisotropic shaders.

This is a 3000 x 3000 samples, 100% at 5000 samples to better see the details. I hope you like it.

I am just testing with the cables in case you wonder :slight_smile:

looks really good. what does it transform to?

Hi Quickgrid :slight_smile: It will transform to a kind of low motorcycle vehicule of my own design.

This is very cool. I will have to watch this one. :slight_smile:

I have often heard that a “real” transformer would break apart during the first transformation since so many of the parts slide across each and intersect differently between the different modes. It will be neat to see how this turns out.