The Rudolf

merry Christmas guys



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Here comes the winner of Christmas BlenderGuru competition :wink:
Briliant job man!

hehe thanks man … but i dont think so … lets see … …

its the best Ive seen so far…it is beautiful! :smiley: Merry Christmas

The attention to detail is excellent, however, it seems like a realistic Rudolf nose doesn’t quite get the same vibe as the glowing ball he had in the movie.

Did you use Cycles for this, if so, did you use a build with the strand patch?

very very nice

Wow… beautiful!

Great job! and I agree with Ace dragon. The current nose takes away that Christmas feel to it. But then again it’s nice that you did something different in that aspect.

Spectacular! I think you got this one

wow! so amazing :slight_smile: merry christmas! cheers :slight_smile:

Alright Draguu you da man:) You definetly have a way with characters…its something to look up to and strive for:) I actually like the realistic version of Rudolf with his “Red” nose. Great idea and great execution! Well done…we need to get you busy with some commercial work and give us noobs a shot hehe.

Happy Blending:)

So cute! Makes me want to hug him :slight_smile:

Dang Draguu, each time I think I’m improving as an artist, you seem to be getting better twice as fast! Good luck in the contest!

Woah! really great job on this(like all the others) draguu!!!

I vote for gallery NOW!!! Love it, not just for detail but for a feel of character already in the scene, great job!

A great image. This image could be in the top 3.

I really love all the effects… the light and blur is stunning! Such a nice combination! And little rudolf is such a cutie!

Indeed, that’s fantastic! Well executed :smiley:

Very nice image. I say obviously because I also noticed an increase monster the quality of your images.

Best christmas render, and stop taking part at blenderguru dude, let some one else be the winner at least once.