The Rudolf

Just an exceptional job, and like someone else mentioned, I like the decision to go more photorealistic on the nose

Draggu start making tutorials plzzz :yes:

Brutal. :smiley:

Wow! that looks awesome! It is so real looking, I’m guessing you used cycles? Really cool man!

Amazing work! And I’m interested in what rendering engine you used as well.

Great, Good , Beautiful, Nice ,Spectacular, Well Done, Lovely, Brilliant , Amazing, Fantastic , and my words are finished. :smiley:
very very good job.

Marry Christmas to all of you.

Jaw dropping work man!! ***** 5 Stars from me!!

Nice work.

Amazing render! Did you use cycles??? If not, this is the most impressive BI render i’ve ever seen!

Beyond Amazing :smiley:

That doesn’t look like Cycles DoF, also Draguu is incredibly skilled in the use of BI so I would think that this is most likely a BI render.

Great job my friend :slight_smile:

Nice scene, great character, and personally I love the nose, congrats and good luck for the contest!

Amazing work :yes:

hey there guys … thanks a lot for comments and derek you guys are not noob at all man :slight_smile: … and alex yah sure ill take break for some time … and for those who asked about cycles or internal … its obviously internal render i dont use cycles mostly cause it takes too much time and u wont get that much freedom …and this image took 5-7 min to render on my laptop

m glad that you guys like it … thanks a lot

Wow…Fantastic render. One of your best. Well done!

I’m really liking this a lot. I guess it’s the style for lack of better description. But it’s all very fitting, was there any post photoshop in this or completely all in blender?

Even though I am rarely visiting this forum, had to comment this. AMAZING work!!!

Just wonderful. I would say almost roastable.

Probably your best render here at BA. Excellent, btw.

Awesome work. I really love it. Especially the modeling and lighting. :smiley: