The supply drop - Lots of Blends

For a short moment here’ll be about 110MB of tricky blender stuff.
i decided to do it in small parts

    Download 527KB
    2.SUPERBIKE Don’t panic. It was designed especially for Yafray
    Download 16MB
    Download 7838KB
    Download 8728KB
    Download 7880KB
    Download 25MB
    Download 3250KB
    Download 9205KB
    Download 2235KB
    Download 5014KB
    11.Motion Capture ROBO
    Download 17MB
    Download 955KB

Ok. Ready

For new to Blender. Go here and take plugins sets adequate to your OS.

The best solution is to take it all:smiley: .

I’ll upload MySQL database with Yafray materials. I have to finish PHP gui for it to add new materials to base, explore and preview them trought web browser and your apache.

Next drop iPods, iPAQ, Rubic Cube e.t.c. to break your brains.

Enjoy it!

cool stuff m8

Yeahh… That second dude inside my head says me that i’m crazy…hehe…

Blender newbies should speed up their progress with learning this cool stuff.

Let’s make start easier for them.

You don’t mean to tell me that you’re releasing all this stuff completely free??

  1. Burt, stop eating any animal-derived stuff IMMEDIATELLY - this ain’t no good for you.

  2. Do some yoga - or, if you’re more on the linear-motion side, some extended jogging (10-15km is fine)

that should relieve some of the CG pressure you’re under :stuck_out_tongue:

btw.: hey, dude, thanks!

From east to west is fine [circa 44 000km] :wink: hehe

I’ll sure have a good look inside - thanks for these!

one thing - the link to metabike is wrong - it links to simpleguitar

I’ll sure have a good look inside - thanks for these!

one thing - the link to metabike is wrong - it links to simpleguitar[/quote]
Ok. Thanks. Now everything should work fine.

that goblender looks like one of the last games I played… the kind no one really wins… :smiley:

i don’t want to seem ungrateful but why don’t you zip these up. save yourself some bandwidth, etc…

Thank You for these blends!

All files were compressed from my side, but at server side all filles were
extracted to verify extensions of files included in archive. Security reasons. MS Security is very weak.

Why not?

Do you need something speciall?

Why not?

Do you need something speciall?

No, I’ve just not encountered this sort of generosity before! :slight_smile:

Adding to my incredulity is the fact that a while ago I was trying to create an animation involving Ben Weston’s ‘superbike’. The fact that it was created with POV-Ray (which is decidedly not an animation facility) soon killed the project.

So here I log in this morning and see an awesome bike, free for the taking to any and all, created with one of the best animation packages I’ve laid hands on…one has to blink eyes and pinch oneself to make sure it’s not a dream! :slight_smile:

Ok Very cool, but why not share, the subdivided file? :wink:
These is not usable, to learn Blender or Sub-surf.

those shaders! thank you, thank you!

Cheers mate, very much appreciated.


you actually modelled all of these?
I mean, if you did, what is your method…? you have lot of extra faces (over complicated meshes), and a lot of triangles here and there that could be easily avoided…

makes them impossible to edit later on. and makes them unneccesary heavy as they are.

interesting, nevertheless.


Thanks first. Superb work.

If I were you I would cover them under copyleft. You can use a Common Creative License or a Blender Artits License.

Why? It is not about anybody making big bussines with your Blends…

It is about protecting them against people like Luxuriousity dudes.

Did I say IMO before? Then IMHO

It would be interesting to create a repository of Blender works. I’m not talking about models but more or less finished scenes, each one with a sorf of “making off”, everyone covered under some kind of copyleft

You don’t mean to tell me that you’re releasing all this stuff completely free??

If Blender and Yafray are freely given to us, why does the stuff we produce with them is not free nor copylefted?

I share your opinion [!]

you’re a strange and brilliant man, burt s.

i look forward to your future endeavours.