The Violator - Clown & Demon | Digital Sculpture

Hey Everyone! I have been working on this next piece for the last 2 weeks. a 2 Character Sculpture. Enjoy! ( a smelly surprise at the end… :wink: )

A collectible production suggestion.
The Violator, as Clown and Demon from the spawn 1997 Movie. Spawn Clown as performed by John Leguizamo (in costume).

Created in Blender. and rendered in realtime.
This Sculpt I reached 33 million verts for the geometry which is yet again the highest for me so far in Blender :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback of my former works, it really motivates me to continue improving and exploring new grounds!

And some comic filters I got playing with Pixlr on my phone :slight_smile:

Awesome! Once more, tons of tiny details in your scene. BRAVO!

Dude! Duuuuuude!

Thanks guys! More to come soon :slight_smile:

I would love to share also the preview animation I work with this from the get go… And hope it sheds light on my process. Once my portfolio is strong enough to draw clients I would love to work on tutorials. Please let me know if this is helpful.

OMG! Fantastic work!

Wo-o-ow! One of the most favourite films of my childhood. Just plain awesome! :yes:
I’ve added you to my bookmarks.

That looks so great. I hope that you find the time to make a tutorial about your work and the “tricks” to get this awesome results. Thank you for posting this great jobs. And I hope you find good clients.

Awesome as usual.
Fantastic work and that’s crazy you were able to push the polycount to 30Millions :eek:

Yeah, I agree with pieriko. How do you do to work with so many polys?

awesome. how the Hell do you texture it though, can’t get my head around that, w/ 33m polys etc

At 30 million verts the system is still functioning for render and moving around the scene. But for workablity at a certain point of creating this I split the 2 characters into 2 files. The clown is about 22 million and the Violator is about 11. Texturing is done via vertex paint and you can see that the texture nuances are very limited. Simply because performance is not smooth yet on vertex paint mode and much geometry. Also from about 10-15 million verts the file begins to be heavy and save time takes more. So I change the auto save to every 30 minutes and not the default 5 minutes so I wont get interrupted. I did notice the ram usage going up to 12 gigs. Luckily my system has 16 to handle the load. But on occoasion Blender did crash on me…

Wooow mate this is awesome! ! Great work.
2 Weeks you said, you was really inspired.

Congratz and Regards.

Great work! I was going to ask you about this, so thank’s for the explanation.

Have you tried to use Zbrush’s remesher to generate a clean mesh to use with multiresolution in Blender? Or take the model to Zbrush and just finish it there?

I think the only thing missing for you to really push it to the next level (besides viewport performance) is to have a good automatic remesher inside Blender, and better vertex paint tools. I hope some of that stuff gets improved for the 2.8 project.

Again, impressive work, thank’s for sharing.

Thank you!
@julperado, Yeah I really look forward to see some boosts of Blender in Vertex paint to be like Zbrush polypainting and an auto retopo tool. I did consider a solution combining the power of Zbrush with the versatility of Blender. My personal tests prove that I better stick only with Blender for the entire process, as I get a much quicker seamless and hassle free project workflow. I find that if a personal project takes more than a week I begin to think of a new project and have less enthusiasm finishing what what I started. So I made a conclusion with myself that I will use, at least this time around, only Blender for the entire process (even including video editing). Thats what I love about Blender the most - it has everything in it! Not all solutions are best (for now) But certainly gets the job done! :slight_smile: And if you know your way around - you have virtually limitless capability!

I have to agree improving vertex painting in Blender would bring a lot of benefit. I’d love to use it for painting sculpts.

Really was blown away by your sculpt, especially liked the detail on the jacket.

Really awesome piece… Spawn is an under-rated series, I just hope someone gets the rights to do a movie in my lifetime, and do it well.

Now all that’s left is to 3D print it, hm? :smiley: