The Watch!

Hi Mark like i have said baking is not something i would do in 2.8 since there are threads everywhere about how poorly implemented it is in the current RC!

I will consider baking in Blender only when they implement a solid baking solution that is on par with Xnormal result since so far it is still the #1 baker and the beauty it’s free!

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Well guy’s i am very happy with my first ocean shader test, Eevee even surpass my wildest dreams since i was able to get the kind of look i was after in a very short amount of time.

Here a gif showing the various shader test i did today;

Next i am going to tackle the foam since i want something highly realistic and i have my little bag of trickery for this.

The banding in the sky is because of the gif compression.

Take note that the U-boat is not texture it’s just a default grey texture so i could have an idea.


Hey, nice ocean.

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Thank and when i am finish i will make a tutorial for the ocean shader!

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Very early foam test previews, i am still experimenting with procedural foam generation but it’s look promising and the capability is there with a mix of noise and color ramp and a few math nodes.

The next step in the foam pattern is to have these secondary patch of foam that are receding from the crest, i will have to find a way to make it look good even for animation.

Another test with foam dispersion

Now that’s one helluva boat right there!

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Thank for the kind words but it is in need of a serious paint job since i didn’t texture it yet and it is totally unrealistic almost like silver with this hdri with a bright sunshine.

This is one of the main shot i am aiming for, stormy and foggy north Atlantic. I could almost call it done even without the boat texture since the fog is hiding this pretty well!

This was surprisingly easy to do in Eevee and i am going to have a blast with it!

really nice ! can’t wait to see more

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The only problem with that foggy sea shot is that the submarine doesn’t stand out enough from its surroundings. You need to do something to draw more focus to it.

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It’s just the very first volumetric test so it will change for the final render but i also like that elusive shadowy menace piercing just slightly from the fog.

Thank and i am having a lot of fun with Eevee and i am planning for tutorials for all the thing i do here.

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Here another shot with a little more color bleeding in(mainly the ocean) with a less cloudy hdri ;

Just played a bit with the samples and tile size to 4px and i rotate the hdri to get the light scattering trough the wave a bit and by the same time the u-boat show a bit more.

Just as a comparison here a picture of the real world and we can see that E
evee is pretty capable;

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North Atlantic

add some icebergs and ice on the sub LOL

looking good
happy bl


Do you read in my mind since this afternoon i thought that a shot near Antarctica with iceberg would be pretty cool with all that talking about that secret Nazi base!:ok_hand:

The case in Antartic is still unknow and secret
Another WWII secret !

but German were also in the artic and North sea which is fine
and there are some iceberg too !

another thing is that the VII was not good enough to go to Antarctica too far away and not well equipped for cold temp I guess.

have fun

happy bl

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Imagine a shot here at the bottom of the iceberg and some UFO visible trough the hole!

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