The Watch!

Hi guy’s,

When i first start with Blender i made this WW2 type VIIC German U-boat to put Blender modeling arsenal to the test and i was very please with the results.

Recently a saw another artist here who made a similar project and he give me the incentive to finish the shot i want to do with a watch crew on a stormy Atlantic weather and also i want to make another one underwater.

I am currently exploring Eevee capabilities for underwater and i will probably do a tutorial on it once i am finish if i am please with the result.

I can only work a few hours a week on this since my game is the #1 priority.

Here a few pics;


did you see that one ?

happy bl

Hi Ricky, yes i know Mark cutaway are simply amazing and i told him i was going to make this thread so it can maybe help him a bit on the coning tower.

I did a med poly version of it

what are you going to do with it ?

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It was just modeling practice but i will texture it and i want to make a few pose with it like i mention like one on a stormy Atlantic day on the watch and another one underwater and eventually animating the whole thing with Eevee or Cycle.

will follow this in WIP I guess
should be interesting

happy bl

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If my result are good i will do a few tutorials on these and i am very exciting with my very early test with Eevee, i will post images soon.

I like EEVEE a lot
cause of speed
darn like on one scene cycles it took like 1 hour on EEVEE took like 03 seconds

but I do have some files where EEVEE crash probably not enough mem
I will try to add another 8 BG on my PC so I can do all my files
that will save me 100 of hours of rendering

EEVEE is very good for fast rendering and nice effects too
happy bl

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I am just starting with Eevee and i already fell in love with it, the only thing one have to keep in mind with real time rendering is that everything or almost is like Hollywood smoke&mirror!

But with that knowledge one can have a few more trick in his bag to get Eevee do what is needed.

Sent you PM

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Well i can answer yes or no since French was my native tongue but over the years i almost stop using it since my working environment was mainly in English and rarely use French anymore. So now i am stuck with my bad English writing! :sweat_smile:

I’m looking forward to watching your progress. You’re tackling a part of the boat I haven’t spent much time on. I’m also looking forward to your underwater renders. I’ve always wanted to do one, but have never liked my results.

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Hey Mark nice to see you here and my work is modest compared to yours since modeling the complete interior is a feat itself!

So far i am at the early test for underwater with Eevee and i want to stick with Eevee to get the closest i can to realistic without having to wait for Cycle long rendering time.

The volumetric in Eevee is far better than i hope for so the underwater effect will not be hard, what i am currently trying to get right is sun rays scattering trough correct wave pattern but so far this one is a tough nut to crack!

Will post progress once i have something decent to show.

how about something like this ?
done I think with a texture on a light source

happy bl

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Hi Ricky,

The underwater shot is not going to require caustic on sea bed but only on submarine deck and since depending on the depth the caustics will be very blurry and if shot is done in bad weather they will almost be non existent.

There is a few tutorials already for fake caustics with Eevee but i aim at faking something more accurate that will take the curvature of the wave in account. I am currently experimenting.

do you have a specific image to show it ?

there are many ways of doing under sea scene !

could even use volumetric with some color
depends on look you want I guess

happy bl

Here a few pics showing the type of caustics i am aiming to reproduce ;


If you notice on the whale they are almost completely diffuse and the weather was probably forecast leaving very diffuse lighting.

Since you’re using 2.8 for your model, I have a question…

Have you tried baking any textures? I have another project I’m working on that’s in 2.8 and when I try to bake AO, cavity masks and other textures, the baking takes an unbelievable amount of time.

I’m curious if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s part of 2.8 that just hasn’t been updated yet.

Baking is not completely implemented in 2.8 and you cannot bake a displacement map yet so i would go for either Xnormal or substance if you have it.

I was actually referring to just baking diffuse and AO maps in 2.8. The couple of tests I did in 2.8 took forever to bake simple AO and diffuse maps. I don’t remember it taking that long in prior versions. I’ll have to do some more testing.