The Worm Incident (BWC 2008)


ok so I decided to join the fun and actually produce something finished for a start. What better way to accomplish this then the BWC 2008.

Well here is my idea sketch and the main character.
For those of you that are interested in the modelling I recorded a timelapse of the modelling which can be viewed at vimeo.
Part 1
Part 2

My target for this one is to actually produce a finished piece!

Good luck to everyone


The model is looking fantastic! Could you tell us a little more about the concept - like the backstory, and what is happening, etc…

Yeah, cute one. Like the model.

I only dislike the pupil. I would make them a bit rounder…

The story is fairly simple it is basically that two worms are having a talk from apple to apple. When one of the apples is picked up by a human. The shot shows the one worm in front being shocked while in the background we see the other apple being dropped by the human when he realizes that he has bitten into a apple with worm in it.
Here is a quick compositional shot made in blender to find a decent shot. The shot is missing trees and background stuff and simply shows the worms, their apples and the hand that is dropping the apple. The sketch has some more stuff in it which I’m not sure that I will do since I don’t have that much time and I just want to get this piece finished for the deadline.

@JulianH The pupils are only temporary for now. I’m looking into it if I want to do them as a texture or actually model them in some way. Currently they are just a few faces of the UV Sphere with another material assigned.


Great stuff thus far. I love the concept, I will keep an eye on this one. Good luck for the competittion. I laughed when I read your reasons for entring because am entring for the same reason I have got to learn how to finish projects off.

In your first sketch, is that a wormy ghost ascending into heaven? Cause that seems really cute. Can’t wait to see the work as it progresses.

Yes that is what it was supposed to be but I’m not sure if I’m actually going to add that as it kind of gives too much away and I do not know if I have the time. I don’t want to slam the viewer on the head with what happend. But we’ll see how that goes.

Had some time inbetween compiles so I tweaked the little fellow changed the pupils to round once and added eyebrows.


haha, those tiny teeth look awesome!

The storyline is simple but brilliant! I look forward to seeing the final result… :slight_smile:

Thats a funny idea. I hope you will finish this project.

You should just keep an eye on the ambiguity of your 3d sketches or you might get a R-rating on this thread :smiley:

good luck in the contest.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll see what I can do.
@loramel: those dirty little worms :evilgrin:

Here is a small update:
The apple

I’m going to make the second apple from this one using the sculpt tool since I also need to create a bite mark on it.
The materials are preliminary and I will try to texture it.
Next is the hand and a tree trunk for the background. I also have to check if I have to model a lowpoly body for the background.

PS.: I’ll post a timelapse as soon as I have it ready.

Cute worm. What’s it’s name? Very funny idea.

Actually I haven’t given him a name yet but now that you ask I’m going to call that one Joe. I think it fits. Stay tuned for updates.

Joe? I like it!

Ok I started texturing the apples

Keep in mind that the bitten apple will be blurred so I didn’t spend too much time on the texture.
I also tried to setup a first scene:

The worm is basically rigged and I started creating shapekeys for his expression. Not sure if I will give him a full facial rig or simply do the expression for the final as my time is running out and I don’t see me having tons of time for this project.

Ok guys I normally don’t tend to bump my threads when I do not have anything new to show but I’m sort of loosing my interest in this and I thought if you could give me some pointers on mats or anything I get back on track as my target is still to finish this.

Well I hope you keep on going and finish it, it is a good learning experience to do a complete project from start to finish, you usually find things that you didn’t know about blender or any other software you use…

I would suggest using a higher resolution texture on the apple and then smooth the “banding” effect of the apple texture. For the stem possibly play around with proportional edit tools and make it more organic looking, not so perfectly straight, then same for the leaves… they look a little like paper cutouts… :P, maybe curve them and bulge them in the center a bit… that should make things look a little more organic.

I hope that gives you some ideas.

Ok long time no hear but I haven’t been inactive.
Here is the current status of this project:

The SSS is still way too much but I’m having a hard time to see which parameter I have to tweak in order to lessen the effect.
The background will get a texture soon and I’m also planning on adding one for the worm itself.
The holes for the front and background worm is missing and I’m also planning on adding some stuff (stones, grass) to the ground. It all depends on how much I get done til next week.
And the AO pass is still missing from the compositor. Anyone know which filter is the best to add it to the final result?
Anyway C&C badly needed and appreciated and as I said I will produce a result. :yes:

I guess I’ll have to finish this one on my own…

I can’t give you hints for filters and stuff, I just don’t know eough.

But for the modells I can:

  • I doubt that a worm dies if his back is bitten. Don’t know for sure though!
  • Maybe the apple on the ground would look cooler, if the worm would not
    just stick out of the apple, but if you “model” sort of an entry-hole. Attached a
    quick & dirty modell to explain what I mean. Maybe make it bitten out a liitle
    bit more, textured or modelled :wink:

That’s it for now :slight_smile: great concept!