These 3D Printing Houses Might Be The Answer To Homelessness

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Does anyone know how to go about designing such houses in Blender??!!

3D printed buildings are an interesting subject, because they not only could dramatically lower the cost of building, but allow for shapes that are nearly impossible to do with conventional methods.

Though, their ability to help the homeless will only be effective if those people are willing to move into them and respect it, as some here in the US at least are homeless by choice and care more about getting their next drug fix than finding help.

In the Hansel and Gretel’s forest maybe.


For reference, here is a map of housing affordability by US county:

Note how Kansas has some of the most affordable housing in the country…

I think the OP mentioned before that he lives in India, even the cheap housing in my state would be very expensive for those who live in that country’s slums. The lowered cost of home construction from automation would have huge benefits for those areas.

I just wanted to point out that drug use is one of the least common reasons for homelessness, that’s why I quoted you. And my emphasis on the housing costs on your state was to point out some possible biases in your perception. With affordability being less of a concern locally, I could see the other causes of homelessness being more of an issue in your neck of the woods.

While I do see this technology as interesting, I’m not sure how much it really solves the problem. The base structure of a dwelling isn’t that expensive, really. But lighting, plumbing, doors, windows, ventilation, heating, all of those components contribute greatly to the expense. Not to mention the cost of the land itself.

In addition, the savings that this does bring cuts out a lot of worker’s wages in the process. It’s neat that you can 3d print concrete walls with a million dollar robot, but tell that to the team of framers who is now unemployed. So the money that will be made by renting out these inexpensive dwellings is really being funneled out of the community and out of the country even. Not sure how this will effect the economic outlook for the community long term, but it doesn’t seem like a net benefit.

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If we’re so concerned about people losing their jobs to automation and efficiency, then why not ban refrigeration (to bring back the milk man and the ice man), automated gas stations (to bring back attendants), online shopping (to necessitate the staffing of thousands of brick & mortar stores), assembly lines (so manufactured goods require 10 times the number of people), CGI (to restore the prop and set building industry), combines (so farms need 100’s of workers to plant and harvest crops) ect…

I can take that point of concern and stretch it to its eventual conclusion, though it won’t lead to everyone having a higher standard of living because everything would be more expensive and scarce. Besides that, this thread was started with the idea the printing would build cheap pre-fab houses for people who otherwise can’t afford such (as in, not so much a standard American ranch or McMansion).

Yes, what I was thinking to the T :slight_smile:

Er - can we get back to the discussion, please? How do I use Blender??

Not sure if I would use blender in the final project. You need to take into account electrical systems, Plumbing, Water drainage etc. You can use blender to previs and do the layout design and rendering though. This tutorial is for 2.78 but it should at least give you a starting point and some idea of the workflow.

Quite good timing for this thread, someone is actually printing a community in Mexico for people living on less than 3 dollars a day.

These look to be quite a step up from yesterday’s cinderblock and tin shacks.

Too bad it wouldn’t help me…I am probably going to be homeless in about 2 to 3 years from now and in Singapore, you can’t just have a place to “print houses for the homeless”, everything is money money money here.

why’re you going to be homeless??

And it would not be possible to change that trajectory over 2-3 years (even after accounting for the possibility of new opportunities or moving to a cheaper city)?

In my part of the world (Kansas), you can get a decent standalone house for the cost of a studio apartment in those pricey cities. There’s no 3D printed houses though, but we do have places for the so-called Tiny Houses.

It is too painful for me to talk about it, but thank you for asking.
I have a terrible way of dealing with things, I am just going to not think about it.

If you work your butt off learning, practicing Blender, get a good porfolio, then you can make a wage with it. Moving to Thailand where housing costs are less could also help.

Are you Singaporean, or are you an expat simply living there?


Ah, the next industry falling to the sharp blade of the inevitable digital progress.
Millions of jobs in jeopardy: architects, bricklayers, painter, floor tilers, who the fuck cares?
Soon, self-driving cars and robots will kill logistic industry as well.
Watch out artists, AI is coming after your jobs next.

We program ourselfs out of existance. Well, at least we wont be homeless…