They Came From Below - Blender Guru Sci-Fi Competition

Hello, everyone! I’ve only completed entries for two of the BG competitions before, so I figured I might as well go for a third! This is all that I have so far. I do have a concept sketch, but as usual, I’ll leave any viewers in suspense as to what the final image will be :evilgrin:

Looking really good :smiley: I love the detail! I’ll be watching this thread really closely :slight_smile: Good Luck!

Thanks :smiley:

Here’s another update!

war of the worlds like thingy? anyway, amazing so far.

Not quite; this alien will be slightly more alien than machine. Thanks, though :smiley:

Here’s another update!

Glowing red caustics from lava immersion ?

Haha; perhaps!

Did some more work on the textures towards the top.

Here’s another update; I’ve tweaked the brightness/contrast and added a newspaper in the lower left corner.

something seems out of proportion, could it be the paper? I like the texturing so far.

Love the models and the texturing, but something about the composition just doesn’t sit right (for me). Perhaps it is the odd aspect ratio. Great job!


Will, it probably is… I’ll check the scale of everything before my next update.

place, do you have any suggestions, then? I’m somewhat new to aspect ratios in general, I’m ashamed to admit :spin: As the typical image size is 1280 x 720, I thought I would just flip those dimensions on their side. It does look a little narrow, if that’s what looks off; I can change that if that would help.

Anyway, until then, here’s another update. The tentacles look kind of like a thin, hollow plastic. Any advice on making them look more dense and slimy? I’ve tried hardening the glossy shader and increasing the brightness, but that makes it look more like metal.

You have much unused space (asphalt) so you could use a 3:4 crop like 600x800 and bring the grass more to the actual monster :slight_smile:

But no matter which format you use, I absolutely love your image so far!!! great!!! maybe you can add a more sifi touch to the monster or environment but as a single image I really love it :slight_smile:

keep it up :slight_smile:

Haha…1950’s sci-fi knock off? Sounds right up my Alley. :smiley:

Damn color grade this and add a bit more detail and small things and you will win first place.

Thanks, everyone!

zuggamasta, my goal was to have a good deal of unused space, as I have quite a bit of detail work left to do and I don’t want to clutter the image. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and I’m glad you like the image :smiley:

Here’s another update.

I added the manhole cover.

by any chance do you remember a tut that came out a couple of Halloweens ago? it was basically guts of some kind that had what looked like veins going through it, if my memory serves me they used a voronoi texture to get the vein look to it. I think it might be a kind of cool addition to the look of it

if it came from below, then it must have all the dirt of sewer on it, for now it looks like it just took a bath.:slight_smile:

Haha; good observation! I was already planning on adding a bit more dirt/grime to the alien itself, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I suppose I’d better get on that soon, though :rolleyes:

Here’s another update. I added rat footprints (and dog paw prints at the top).

Please make a tutorial on how to texture the ground and leaves so well. Looks uber realistic. Theres so much detail in this image. The only critique I can give is that the mice and bottom part of the road distracts you a bit. Might want to make the alien bigger or something. Anyways this looks like a winner or one of the hounorable mentions. Im curious if there will be some more sci-fi?