They're Here!

‘They’re here’ is my latest render inspired by the movie Dune.
That movie is insane ngl.

The idea was to have a dusty cold planet which is being invaded by the aliens.
May be there’s room for improvement , and many things can be done here, like rain, ice, etc.

  • Rendered in Cycles, pure out of Blender & a touch up in Photoshop
  • Space ship model is from Blenderkit.
  • Tile Texture from Blenderkit.

I have a wide angle posted on Artstation


It’s a very pretty image, and I like how it screams “DUNE!”. :smile: Even before I read your description, I thought to myself, “This looks like it belongs in the same universe.”

That being said, while the image does look good there are some issues with your layout. The most obvious thing is that there’s a lot of empty space at the top and bottom of the render. The top third is just blank ceiling while the bottom third is equally blank floor. Yoy can solve this problem if you crop the render right down to an area near the focal element (the dude and the spaceship), but then you lose out on the scale and majesty of the rest of the scene.

Personally, I’d suggest you either go widescreen, and/or use the floor to add a bit to the story. Is this cloaked figure with the staff a Dr. Yueh character? Maybe add some dead or incapacitated guards on the floor. Or, if this guy is the last defender in the building, add destruction, bodies, and scorch marks to show what he’s survived.