Thinking about staying with Blender 2.79

Blender 2.8 is new and in Beta.
I have just begun to understand 2.79 after several off and on years with it.
I have a project that I have been preparing for and I am thinking about just staying with 2.79 until more basic tutorials appear. Right now everything seems to be on what the new things are and not how to do them.
I have just begun to understand the Node editor and now I have problems finding it. (Just an example.)
I followed the Donut tutorial and have almost made it to the point where I can make the donut and paint it but now I must begin all over because things have changed so much.
I am not complaining about 2.8. What I have seen of it is great. It is just that I am not sure I want to change boats in the middle of the stream.

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Blender 2.79 is still the latest stable version of Blender. Right now 2.8 sill goes through its bug fixing phase so its not ready for production.

So yes right now 2.79 is still the official latest version of Blender. Which means it should be your No 1 choice. Blender 2.8 is either for us developers or adventurous users who want the latest code in their Blender or want to help with finding bugs. It may take months for 2.8 to become stable.

Nobody forces you to follow blender development.
You can use blender 2.79b as long as it runs on your OS.
If it runs today, it will probably continue during more than one year.

Blender is a free software. It means that you are free to use any version of it.
By pursuing with 2.79b, you will not have access to new stuff during this period.
It is not a problem, if learning those things is a disturbance, now.
You will still have access to new things developed for 2.8 when you will be relaxed and ready to upgrade.

You will make the choice to use 2.8 when you want. There is no discount offer on price of blender for those using it now.

As @LoboTommy pointed out, there’s an existing topic for this - closing this one.