Unpopular opinion: How many of you like me will be sticking with 2.79 for a long looooong time?

(Bracer) #1

Blender is actually quite useless for my needs without some very core fundamental add-ons and also those shortcut muscle memories…

The only thing I would care about using in 2.8 is eevee hence it better support 2.79b cycles material right off the bet or else it will be dead to me.

Those of you who will be sticking with 2.79 as well for a long loooooong time, why ?

(Ace Dragon) #2

Blender 2.8 won’t be out of beta until Spring, so there’s plenty of time to report bugs and regressions (so you can move to the new version in full when the official release is out).

That is if the final release goes as scheduled, the actual beta marker was a few months late due because the base of the new stuff wasn’t done yet.

(Ben H) #3

The 2.79 key map and interface settings are still available, so your muscle memory can remain intact. I’m sure a lot more addons will be ported by the time 2.80 receives a full release.

What add-ons are you waiting on?

(colkai) #4

I run them side by side, spending about equal time in each. I’ll stick with 2.79 as my “amin” version for now until 2.8 is out of Beta and sorted, that’s just common sense. That said, I enjoy working in 2.8 already and definitely find, despite the lack of some of the addons I use a lot, it’s a more fluid way of working.

(Martynas Žiemys) #5

I will be. Because 2.80 is still not going to be released for a long looooong time. :smiley: The moment it is released or possibly even sooner I will switch to it completely. No reason to limit myself just because I would have to learn a few new things. I actually think I will feel very comfortable with all the changes already by the time it is released, because even while I am sticking to 2.79 at work, like most people I gladly play with 2.80 from time to time out of curiosity and it is going to be a lot of time till it is realeased. At the moment I work with projects that I may need to edit a long time from now, so if I saved anything in 2.80 and then it changed, I might not be able to find the build that my files still work with. I think this situation is quite likely over a long period of time and it makes a lot of sense for me to resist the temptations of using all the cool stuff in 2.80 yet. I am a bit sad about it. A lot of things in 2.80 would make my life easier already.

(Metin Seven) #6

I’ve been using the 2.8 alpha and beta for about 2 months or so by now, and I have to admit that I’m still not really happy with it. I still find myself searching for a lot of functions, and some things are noticeably slower than before, such as high-poly sculpting. And just when I started to slightly get used to it, they suddenly decided to turn the Preferences upside down, so now I can’t find a lot of functions there anymore. :neutral_face: And indeed, a lot of add-ons are not available yet, such as BoolTool, CarverMT and Radeon ProRender.

(https://za.pinterest.com/GrimZAA/) #7

I will probably stick to 2.79 until 2.80 is official, we should never be afraid to adapt to change.

They are they still adding and optimizing a lot of things so not worth learning it until it becomes more concrete.

(Safetyman) #8

Once 2.8 is stable and I can use a few of the addons that I need for everyday work, I’ll switch to 2.8 full time. I remember that it took quite a while for some addons that didn’t work in 2.5 to catch up, so the situation here is no different.

(Most Hated) #9

Not I, I kept trying Blender over the years and just could not stand the overall control scheme. Ever since 2.80, I love it and can’t stop using it.

(DarkNavi.exe) #10

There is only 1 reason I still use 2.79: The Video Sequence Editor.

Unless there is a way to make rendering videos as generally quick in 2.8 as it seems to be in 2.79, this is all that keeps me using 2.79.

(robi) #11

I will keep using 2.79 because the hardware requirements for 2.80 are (up to now) too high for me.
What I need (and like) is a fast, reliable software that can easily export data to other packages. That’s the reason why I don’t use Cycles: it’s a closed (and slow) world. If 2.80 will become better at exporting eg. materials to the fbx format, why not! It seems great for so many things and it is REALLY impressive the amount of work the developers managed to do. Really impressive, they should be proud of themselves! But right now I can’t tell. I still like software that waits for the user, not the other way around, so I will try it better if it will become much, much faster on my PC (or i’ll try it in the future, after renewing my hardware, whenever it will be).

(Most Hated) #12

I do actually open it to use RetopoFlow, but that’s my only reason.

(saiko) #13

Same for me.

It looks good and most things are better but few things are horrible - many useful shortcuts are gone and not replaced with anything useful (e.g F6 for quick setting, F3 for saving rendered images, Ctrl+Click for show hide children and more). Now you have to do 1 to 3 extra mouse clicks to do thing that you could do pressing a shortcut key two instantly.

Without the shortcuts 2.80 workflow seems slow and clunky IMHO… looks good but you just can’t work fast enough. Noob friendly and Pro friendly UI don’t have to be mutually exclusive…

(Ben H) #14

You can switch back to the 2.7x shortcuts in the settings menu.

(saiko) #15

I don’t want to do that as it will revert back to all 2.7x shortcut which is not necessary as many new shortcuts in 2.80 are actually good.

I am open to learning new workflow or shortcuts but what I don’t like is the missing shortcut and functionalities.

(BluePrintRandom) #16

I love upbge and 2.8 so it’s hard for me :frowning:

(captainkirk) #17

I use 2.8 for almost everything right now. I only go back to 2.79 for Retopoflow, Archipack, and Graswald. Once those are updated I don’t see why I would need 2.79.
That being said I have on rare occasion gone back to 2.49 for a few old addons such as the Quake exporter. So I do keep old versions around in case I might need them again, but it’s only in those very rare instances.

(BluePrintRandom) #18

can’t do this in 2.8 yet

a big yet because many of the essentials are already working in eevee / upbge

if they get upbge merged into eevee I can walk away from 2.79

(Martynas Žiemys) #19

Precisely my thoughts. If it’s changed, that’s OK with me, if it’s gone… not so much. Customizing is possible, but it would be nice to be able to just sit in front of any computer with any Blender on it and be able to work straight away with defaults.

But it is going to be a long time till it’s released. It is logical to assume, that good key-map design is a process, so I think that in the end it will be OK. It is still changing.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #20

I’m gonna switch over as soon as the performance is fixed and the Outliner/Collections nonsense is made less clunky to use.