Third person template modified (Update1)

wasd to walk
space to jump
right click while walking to run
run at walls to run up them
space near a vehicle to get in
ledge hanging
left click to punch
I for inventory (not finished)

Download (original)

Update#1 - added those cars Lostscience told me about works with multiple cars and multiple car spawners. the audio is still a little buggy.

CONTROLL CHANGES - space is now just jump. press E to get into the cars. space is used in the car for brakes.

Download- (new)

(made in blender 2.72b. 2.75 the cars wont drive :()

So are we allowed to modify this how we like?

Wow - almost like Assassins Creed. So advanced controls. Maybe I can use some components in Von Der Dead? Are you planning to make also tutorial series for this so that we can learn that all ourselves aswell as implement in our games?

Use it however you like. i dont think il do a tutorial on this because its very sloppily put together and its based off of another third person setup with the python and whatnot. but if you can learn from it that’s great!

Great template! I like the head rotation towards camera viewings and the slow movement on the slopes, also the horizontal platform movement with the character, which once was a big problem for me.
I encourage everyone who is making 3rd person game to use this template. It has some advanced build-in game mechanics and great control feeling.

josiathegreat you’re really…great!
Thank you very much, for sharing such a fantastic resource!

Thanks! random question, if i made a video on building a pc for blender would you watch it?

You mean getting correct software etc.? Maybe… However - if it is not Windows, but Linux. If oyu mean hardware - well, I can’t reach new hardware with my current income(~20-40 EUR per month).

It’s better than the one you get in UE4, nice work man:D

It probably runs faster than ue4 too c:

Give it the property car and make the origin of the car where you want the player to sit, or a just the animation so that he is in the right place. Also you would need some what of changing the cars state from stationary to drivable. The character is parented to the car when he is it.

Try three times to download your file, but fail all time at 99%, can you upload the file in other place please.

EDIT: after several try to download it’s work now, thanks josiathegreat for the template.

How would i change the animation the player character uses to sit in the car?I made a sit down animation but it does not work.
Maybe it is because there is a lot logic bricks and i dont know which one to change.

The player armature uses states so I’m pretty sure you will find the animation brick in the in car state.

The states are not named.Which one is the car state?Could you post pictures?

this should help

I switched it to playerarmatureaction 80 -100 and it would not play my animation.

you should show me your file and i will see what i can do:confused:

Here is the file.

Updated the initial post with a cleaned up version of the cars.