This is me(NEW Character&armature [email protected] 5)

(Poju) #1

Hi all, i just want to show my current char wich is me:

And here is test pose:

There is some problems with deforming, but i try to fix them.
(It’s my challenge peace at CgTalk and textures are not allowed)
Any advises, comments, crit… don’t hold back [/img]

(eeshlo) #2

Looks great sofar! Must be quite hard modeling all those creases and folds in the cloth. Well, for me it would anyway… :wink:

(0ptikz) #3


This is a WIP? Love it to bits :wink:

The only crit is the deformations, but seeing as your working on fixin’ that its not really a crit 8)

The thing I like best is the attitude.

(slikdigit) #4

Hey Poju. Saw this on CGTalk. Nice work! and it does look a bit like your photo. I don’t have any real crits ('cept the deformations in the pose- but I know you’re working on that.)
Nice fast work.

(theeth) #5

cool, I really love the cartoon materials!

It might be a little too late for that, but a great tip when modelling characters (thanks Lyubomir :smiley: ) is to model them with their joint half bend. This makes the deformation much smoother and the joints will bend in the right way all the time (when using IK).

good job!


(paradox) #6

Poju, great work.

(S68) #7

Relly nice!

Actually I love those deformation problems, expecially in the hand :slight_smile:


(Poju) #8

Hey you folk’s thanks for reply’s.

Teeth: Yes i tryed that once and it won’t work so nice in my weird pose’s.
Example if i model arm half way down and i wan’t to pose arms up… but thank’s anyway.

And here is little update, getting better?

Just keep that crit coming… Hit me hard baby 8)

(BgDM) #9

Great update! Much improved from the first posts. Cleaner deformations, etc. The lighting even seems to be a little better.

Maybe add a stucci texture to the bear to give it some break up. Maybe on the shirt and the jeans as well.

Keep up the good work.


(Poju) #10

Wow that was fast, thank’s man.

And if u read all posts or atleast first u should know why there is no textures :stuck_out_tongue:

(BgDM) #11

I know about the CGTalk challenges. They typically allow bump maps though. Not in this one?


(Poju) #12

Hmm i really don’t know :-? , i just tought that texture is texture no matter wich cannel you turn on.

I think that have to make some props now, just after i deside what i’m doing :-?

(dreamsgate) #13


(dreamsgate mutters to herself… must practice more… I will not get a complex over this) :stuck_out_tongue:

(VelikM) #14

Wow, thats great! :smiley:

(basse) #15

gotta love those slippers… I have always wanted to have pair of those.

great character. i like that expression on the face… calm aaaand sexy.

you are hot. 8)


(slikdigit) #16

I think bump maps are allowed. Deformations look pretty good on this one! I do see a flat area on the front of the knees, and the hands could use a bit more refining. overall great model. You’re getting good very quickly.
A note on joint deformation: I once listened to a session by a ilm employee, on a new joint smoothing algorithm he/they were developing. He showed us some footage from Attack of the clones, and then somewhat shocked me by mentioning that, after the basic animation is done, each scene is hand tweaked to fix joint problems, basically a huge mass of vertex animations that are only applicable to that scene.
So you’re not alone.

(Poju) #17

I’m too sexy for my body…

Thank’s for comment’s, warm’s my old ass in this forsaken frosen country. :smiley:

And here is one more test for ya, it’s almost same as i use at work :wink:

(funkychild) #18

Poju, bumpmaps are allowed if you choose to use them
From the rules:
"6) Bumpmaps are allowed throughtout the challenge and for final voting "

I must say, I’ve been looking through the challenge entries so far and yours definitely stands out as one of the best. The face has got so much expression and character. Love it!

(kaktuswasse) #19

YEEHHAAA!!! That’s soooooo coool!
Your character really has a cool expression.
That’s just excellent!

cya henrik

(Poju) #20

-I don’t care if world is gray-
-It does not matter if it’s night or day-
-I sit to my comfy chair-
-I start fishing and take cold beer-
-I see worries drifting away-
-I start dreaming and drink that beer-