This time... Cars with characters! - "COURAGE" by Daniel Vesterbaek

Hey People!

So looking back, I don’t think I have ever added just one single character to any of my car renders in the past. I only experimented with it for one environment render I made, which ended up becoming one of my worst renders ever - So you have been warned, heheh…

Story of the image:
I recently got to learn about the famous brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna - Apparently, I was too young to heard about him as a kid - and I got so interested in his character that I had to make a project dedicated to him. The scene is set in 1992 in Belgium where Senna in the middle of a lap jumps out of his car onto the track to get his french opponent, Erik Comas out of terrifying situation. Comas had crashed his F1 and was knocked unconscious, still holding down the throttle. Senna cut of the engine, stopping the fuel flow and evading a probable explosion. Comas belives Senna saved his life that day.

Edit: The render is base on this event, but is not totally true to it. In reality the engine of Erik Comas’ car was not on fire - This is a detail I added to communicate, what the real danger of the event was.

Everything is modelled in Blender with heavy use of modifiers. I used MakeHuman for the characters and simulated the cloth in Marvelous Designer. The materials are all created in Blender with procedural effects and lots of grunge maps. Rendered in cycles in 4k with 2k samples.

Wip Gifs:

For the final version I cannot decide what colors to go with. I want the image to look somewhat realistic, but still punchy and with some colors. In a lot of the versions the image ended up being very chaotic, with too many details scattered around the scene, so I tried to dial it down in post, using saturation and fog. Please let me know if you have any tips on how to create a better balance in the image. Feedback would be very appreciated. I am going to participate in the Hum3D car rendering challenge with this piece and maybe get a good result for Blender!

Thanks for your interest!



Nice story, amazing render! :100:
Your attention to detail is quite good, the sense of movement is very well captured.

By the way first image you uploaded is shrinked to its atoms for some reason.

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Amazing Daniel!

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Thank you so much Emir! I’m glad to know the movement is readable in the image. It was hard to get the poses right.

Hahahah, I have a funny explaination for that. I haven’t been using since the update, so I thought that the new site used the first image as the thumbnail, so I made a tiny image in the top, to force that to be the thumbnail, but not be visible in the post. - It didn’t work though.

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Thanks Burak!!

To the featured row !


Glad you like it. Thanks!

Hahahah :rofl:

Fantastic image, and relates the story very well. But don’t show it to hardcore F1 fans, they’re going to have words for you :wink:


Thanks! Oh man, I will be careful, heheh.
Is it because of the fact that the story is inaccurate? (I just noted this in the description so everybody will know)

The story is accurate (except for the detail you yourself mention), but your rendition heavily artistically licensed :slight_smile: I can imagine some authenticity lovers picking it apart screaming.

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Hahah, yes! It is indeed. Well, thanks for the heads up. Now I will be prepared at least :grin:

It looks very detailed. How long did it take to make this scene and how much memory does it use?

I love this! A lot to take in in this image.
I just noticed the track worker hopping over the crash barrier in the background.

Love your renders. Top row!

The crowd in the back looks fake, but only if you view it in 4K resolution.

And I am not sure how many F1 fans might like this.

Nice work!
Truly fantastic attention to detail.with just the right amount of artistic license!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

i knew it ! * magic *

Being Brazilian and quite fond of F1 this brings a large smile to my face. Makes me miss waking up early on Sunday mornings to watch Senna race. Beautiful artwork.