Tiger 1 progress

This is the first form of the tank. After this I’m going to make a 8.8cm gun :smiley:


The gun is finished, next I will make a track for the tank.

I would double check the angles and proportions before you get too far. Some of the angles and sizes look off. That will cause you problems later on. Are you using good reference material?

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@Mark06GT Thanks for the comment. I will fix the angles and the sizes.

@Mark06GT I don’t really understand what reference material is? can you tell me

I always start a project by collecting as many scale drawings and photographs as I can find. A good starting point are orthographic drawings of your subject. Engineering drawings showing the front, side, top and bottom of the object are best. These act as the foundation of the project. Set them up as image planes in your Blender project and use them as guides for shaping and positioning objects.

Photographs can be used to get a better idea of what things look like and how they are assembled. They often contain details that general drawings do not contain.

The Tiger I is a popular topic. There are lots of decent drawings on the Internet that show each side of the model. If you want to go the extra mile, purchase one or more good books on the subject. Good books often contain copies of original engineering drawings.

Let me know if you have more questions…

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@Mark06GT Thank you for the explanation, now I know what reference material is :smiley:

Is this what you mean? so I made this tank using this image, I found it on drawingdatabase.com/tiger-i/

Yes, that is the kind of orthographic image I was describing. The problem with that image is that it does not show the shape of the entire hull. The image below shows the hull shape hidden by the tracks and wheels.

My first thought when I saw your tank was the slope and size of the hull front/lower armor looked thin and too angled back. I also couldn’t tell from your render if the back shape was right. It looks like you might have confused the air filters with the rear plate.

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Not sure how accurate you want to get but there are also 3 different versions, Same tank just minor detail differences
Early: Early Tiger I’s are generally identifiable by the tall commander’s cupola, rubber-rimmed roadwheels, dual headlights and Feifel air cleaners among other things.
Mid: Mid-production Tiger I’s have the second design turret with the smaller cupola but retain the rubber-rimmed roadwheels.
Late: Late Tiger I’s are most easily identified by their steel roadwheels

If you need reference photos let me me know I have some pics of The Tiger 131 from the Bovington tank museum. I got to spend about 30 minutes wondering around the tank.

The tracks are finished and I fixed the angles and sizes. Next i will decorate the tank.

This is from the front side

This is from behind

If there is a wrong angle and size, you can comment below.

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Can you show a render directly from the side? Maybe use an orthographic camera?

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@Mark06GT Sure

this is the front side

this is behind

and the right side

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How much feedback to you want with this project? I’m happy to make suggestions, but I don’t want to become annoying. If you want me to stop commenting, just say so.

All the roadwheels should be the same size. Yours look like they have different diameters. The tracks should also be snug against the drive sprocket and idler wheel. There would not be any gaps there.

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@Mark06GT I don’t force you to comment. but I prefer you to still comment, because I need opinions from you and other people. :smiley:

Is this better than before?

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If you look at the centerline of all the road wheels, you’ll notice they are in a straight line, parallel to the bottom of the tank. It looks like your wheel centers curve up in the front and back.

Are you using your reference image as an image plane in your project? You should be able to align your objects directly on top of your reference image.

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Yes i’m using the reference image :smiley:

I fixed the wheels, is this correct?

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Yes, much better.

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