Tiny World (game for kids) - [Demo Available]

EDIT : The demo is now available - Feedbacks are welcome… especially from your kids :eyebrowlift2:

Video game for kids in a toon style open world. The player can drive all kinds of vehicles like car, helicopter, boat … No violence, no danger, no death, just having fun !

Now, you can download the demo version for free and having fun ! You can explore this first island (level 1 of the future game) with the main character or driving a toy car and a toy helicopter with easy controls and non-realistic physics dedicated for the kids.

In the demo version, the player can search mushrooms for having points. This aspect of the demo is just a first look at the future quest system in the full game (more features below).

> Download Demo (For Windows 32 & 64bits only) <
> Download non-fullscreen Demo (For MAc/Linux with Windows emulator) <

Features (full game)

  • Toon style open world (based on multiple islands)
  • Third person game with different kinds of drivable vehicles like car, helicopter, boat…
  • Clouds, animals, Non-Player Characters
  • Easy quest system for kids
  • No violence, no danger, no death, just having fun !
  • Load and save system
  • Mini-Map and full map system

Hello there,

My first video game made with Blender Game Engine. Created for and with my kids.

When the game will be ready, I’ll give a demo for all and maybe the full game will be released for a very low price or for free (donationware). I don’t know yet :eyebrowlift2:

Tiny Land is a kind of GTA game without violence, risk or enemy. Just for having fun.

Here are some of the principal goals in the game development :

  • Toon style open world (based on multiple islands)
  • Third person game with different kinds of drivable vehicles
  • Easy quest system for kids
  • Ecosystem : some life in the world (people and animals)

EDIT : Video added :

Just a quick test with character motions and a first look at the landscape recently completed with trees, flowers…

Some Camera improvements (detecting collisions), adding some sounds (river, car, helicopter…). Next steps : adding some life and firsts simple quests :slight_smile:

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Cool idea and video!

is a kind of GTA game without violence, risk or enemy. Just for having fun.

But how can you have fun without violence, risk, or enemy? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If it is for kinds, it shall also be educative :slight_smile:

Thanks for your messages :eyebrowlift2:

After testing some realistic controls for the vehicles, my daughter (7 years old) WANTS simpler ones (“ok, ok, my princess !” :eek:) so I put some very easy controls (sorry for my bad English). Step by step, I’m also working on the models (characters, vehicles, buildings…) which are in other Blender files (linked in the game). Here are some first screenshots :

Oh no adriansnetlis , the childrens still enjoys learning enough in school:), just fun , virtual toys in the landscape …even though it is just a fun way to practice the attention and perception.
I like it , great

Well, kids doesn’t learn much, not as much as teens, if they’d learn more, they’d reach my school level or even higher:D But maybe kids need something unviolent, but non educative. However, there shall be also games, that shows the point of human life to children, otherways they can become evil killers and maniacs because of the fact games show that human life is no worth - in games you can “play again”. But it is hard to make something like that… But fact is that while human has very low knowledge, he shouldn’t face with a lot of violence. This project is good in that case because of no violence. Wait, what did I type at beggining of this?:smiley: OK! This is a bit messed, but I don’t want to retype, hope oyu got the idea! :wink:

Yeah , you’re right , I’ve got the impression that in the games is too much violence and monsters and that such games without violence is so little

Actually, here rally and racing games, puzzle games, vehicle/mechanism/human life simulators(The Sims), constructor games etc. are good - usually no violence, noone kills anyone or if someone does, the main characters are sad for it. Good games. Well, to be honest, I think games like Resident Evil are very good games… very good - but only if you have enaugh brain.

Yes it is a fact that there are also good games without violence, but it seems to me that people are more attracted to violence , perhaps the majority , I do not know
It is a fact that man 's mind must somehow be separated - this is just a game , it’s just fun and not reality
Love not that his violent game in order for you to become a reality , a lot also depends what a person is already in the base with which he was born , in what lives

The game is cute. I like its happy colors.

Yes, I understand your point of view and to be honest with you : sometimes, I’m wondering if a game will be interesting for a long time if there is no enemy or other any kind of danger.

But, most of the time, I think about my first idea : making a simple game where you can just walk and having fun pr relax in a toon style landscape and driving different kind of vehicles.

Another important thing in my game : no money but helping NPC to win some XP or objects needed for another quest (I don’t know yet).

I stop my post here because, I don’t know if my english is very understandable and you will see what I mean with the next videos and I hope : a playable demo, later :cool:

A good example would be the Animal Crossing series.
Have over 120 hours played on the most recent game, no enemies - yet it’s still one of my favorite game series. Though don’t get me wrong, I still love me some violence! (Cough cough Gears of War chainsaw Lancer)

I was hooked on Animal Crossing on GC as a youngin, (and GTA 3…) not quite sure exactly what was so fun about it, but it had me coming back!

, but it seems to me that people are more attracted to violence , perhaps the majority , I do not know

I like the competition and occasional adrenaline. Plus games are cheap. I was on a shooting team in high school. Really fun, but cost a pretty penny. When I’m outta college I’ll probably give up 90% of my games and go shooting a lot. I think that the ability to improve yourself is one draw that violent games have on me (erm CS:GO that is)

It’s great! I’m a dad myself and a teacher, so it makes me mad seeing kids playing GTA on their phones. That’s not a kids game!
There really should be a sandbox type game for kids which is not minecraft…

Oh… Kids + Minecraft!!! Horror! They just don’t know what is the meaning of game! Don’t let kids play Minecraft, they get crazy from it!!!

A new video from the game in progress :

Great, keep it up :wink:

Thank you for your messages.

Video added in the original post… still working on the game.

Look at the first post updated, thank you.