TLWH - Official Teaser Release (coming to Steam in 2020)

Guys, we need your help.

Yesterday we launched the first teaser for our Game “The Long Way Home”

And now it’s time to spread the word. Since we are a very small team, getting your help

New blenderartists post (let’s get this featured :D)

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Join our Team in this insightful journey, where we create a high quality Indie Game entirely in UE4!

After we won the 23rd BGMC with “the long way home” we decided to expand the concept and turn it into a high-quality, 15 minute game. The game relies on Story and Characters, and a lot of time is spent carefully designing every aspect of the project.

We also plan on producing development video blogs in the future, to tell you about our achievements and findings, while creating our first big game.

If all of this isn´t convincing enough for you, here is a screenshot of something we are working on right now:

Wish us luck and leave comments and feedback, to massively support us with our dream project!


Hey everyone, I´m trying to join this BGMC.

I´ve not got much time on my hands, but maybe I can get a lot done on the weekend (*fingers crossed)

My game will be about waiting at the trainstation. You will have to decide which trains you want to enter and where you want to end up. There will be a goal to get to and some exploratory story pieces.
So far I´m working on the main systems and getting the look done. You can pick up and rotate every object right now, there is a universial time, that the trains will go by. I´ve finished some typical train station assets.
The game is gonna be a calm experience. You will not be moving, but always sitting on a bench.
I´m hoping I can still make an interesting game that way.

Screenshot time:

in game time

your bench

I´ll try to keep you guys updated on this game. Feedback on mechanics and ideas for story are very welcome!

Eeyyy. This looks cool :slight_smile: I like the art style!

very nice my friend.

nice project… no crits at this point, you have a solid look, game play idea is very original and I can’t wait to find out how and what the story will be that lead you around the game play.

One week is soo short! Especially if you have a regular workday (man those times at school were awesome! )

But anyway I’m changing up the gameplay concept, to hopefully get the story done. It’s the story that matters the most after all. Progressing really slowly, a lot if work will need to be done on the weekend.

Looks fun so far :smiley:

First train is in the game! (with sounds already :D)

I´ve encountered a weird soundbug: basically every sound that plays is stopped after another sound starts. I´m using UPBGE. If anyone knows of this issue, I´d love to know of a fix. Thanks for the help :smiley:

Oh UPBGE is just filled with bugs. Until they all get fixed, I am just going to continue using stock Blender. Bugs I have encountered include embedded player not working and force motion not working on the ground.

Looks very interesting!! :smiley: I love cartoon/comic style games

This is a standard issue with BGE, something to do with the sound buffer. My solution is to spawn in an empty with the 3D sound playing on it. This stops the cutting out. For ‘background’ sound, spawn one of these empties at the player camera and parent it, so that the sound appears to be constant.

Wont be long, now that you got the train running, for me this game is becoming a big curiosity.

So you mean that i should be spawning an empty for sounds that should always be playing?
Also I’m adding the trains, and one of the train carts has the sound attached to it. I don’t understand why using an empty instead of a mesh would change this, but i will certainly try.

The good thing is: I’ve got the full story figured out now, so I’ll only need to put it into game form.

Spawning objects should be fine, but make sure you spawn most sounds on an empty or a mesh (even the background sound/music).

Update: I fixed the sound problems, and got really far. Almost all scenes are implemented, and story is getting there (hopefully). Still have lots to do, but it’s all manageable. My main concern will be that everyone can correctly run the game. I’ll try to test the game on some other pcs.

No new screens, as i want to keep some mystery :slight_smile:

Made it last second!
Here´s the final Game Thread:

Hey everyone,

After Bgmc is over and I had some breathing time I’m deciding to continue to work on this game.
For now the plan is to fix issues that playtesters pointed out.
I want to get this game out in its short form very soon.

To make this happen I need your help. Not with models or programming or things like this. But rather with playing the game and pointing out its flaws.

-Some people said the twist was too obvious. Any ideas if fixing that?
-also can I get some feedback on the writing and story? I’m generally not a writer so that’s why it might come of as cheesy in some places. I’d really appreciate some feedback on that.

Other than fixing issues I’ll be working on remaking the ending ina realistic artstyle. I’ll keep you updated and maybe record my workflow.

Nice Game though i wish you all the best !!!


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to tell you that this project is developing nicely. A lot of organization was done in the last month, as well as planning and rewriting the complete story. Now we are slowly moving into actual production.

The hardest task for now was figuring out the main characters face. It´s so difficult to combine facial features with the lowpoly style of the game.

Here are some of my attempts, I would love to get some feedback on which face you prefer and why.

More updates and eventually devlogs coming soon…

I think 4 and 5 look good. They match the level of detail of his hands and most of the other objects around.

I like the first one…maybe put the beard from the fourth one on it. I like it because it looks really old and tired from life, which somehow match the story(or at least what it was before the changes)