Ton and Bigwhale.....

(0ptikz) #1

Hey guys,

I’ve got a question for you. I was searching around the web trying to find some of the animations you guys did back in your Neogeo days - All to no avail.

You did some great stuff that I’d really like to see again, and I’m sure newbies to Blender would love to see what you guys managed to achieve with Blender way back in the day.

Things I’d love to see again:

Diditdoneit…Without doubt the best collection of animations ever done with Blender (crap, why’d I delete it?)

And some of the stuff of Bigwhales site - Fer instance - the stills from lost ride look very much like it was part of an animation - Is there any chance of seeing it?

Seems to me these anims Neogeo did should be put out into the open so everyone can see them instead of being hidden away. Diditdoneit should be posted on the blender3d website as a showcase of what Blender + Creativity can do.

Anyway, heres hoping :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #2

I’m happy to upload it to anyone who can give me the webspace.

[email protected]

(theeth) #3

Acasto could probably provide some space on his site.


(system) #4

Okay, let me refraise that then:

I’m happy to upload it to anyone who can give me the webspace, except acasto.

[email protected]
ps. I think Ton is working on extending the b3d site.

(acasto) #5

You have a problem with me or something!!!


(joecool) #6


uh, was that some sort of a sick joke?

(luis36) #7

Acasto, there’s no need to be so rude with our OverBlenderHead Joeri, he’s just joking, don’t mispell his words. . .
. . . Right Joeri?

If not, bite his ear like Tyson ! ! ! and you Joeri, Spit his eye ! ! !

(acasto) #8

I’m not being rude, only asking a simple question. There is nothing wrong with the web space I provide people, I work very hard so that some can have the opporunity to express themsleves on the web. I take it personally when people saying anything about it, but if they have a problem with me, then so be it.

(macke) #9

Hey, sucks to be you I guess.

(system) #10

Questions end with a ? sign not a !!! sign.

(joecool) #11

acasto, I was saying joeri’s remark was rude. Not yours. I certainly appreciate bannerfree adfree, etc. space. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

(CurtisS) #12

Hey, sucks to be you I guess.[/quote]

You just keep hanging around, don’t you. Come on, give us a HUG! :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #13

Hugh Ugly Grin?

(hannibar) #14

Geez, don’t start this flaming again. It’s getting boring.

(system) #15


(xitnalta) #16

Hey, why does nobody point you to the download section of I’ve downloaded exactly that a few days ago. Let me look… -> -> -> >>>> <<<< Bingo!!! ;o)

Really a nice demo - I should find out how to have MPlayer play it back in full screen.


(CurtisS) #17

Aimed at Mr. Macke, of course. He’s our biggest supporter (said as I put my finger down my throat)…

… I’ll be good now.

(blengine) #18

[psycho analysis]
predictability and repitition is hilarious especially mixed with extremely dry humor and aggression(stemming from attention desire and childhood pain) :wink:
[psycho analysis complete]

(0ptikz) #19

Ingredients for mirth:

1.) post a question to ton and bigwhale -
2.) come back twelve hours later and find a flame war going on, sweet!

Must do this more often :smiley:


Thank you very much for the link :wink:

To everyone else:

Flame on, and bring the house down :stuck_out_tongue:

(kevin3d) #20

Just looked at the doitdoneit animations…Wow!! Impressive!!! All done in Blender?