Tool for Click to divide?

Hey folks:)
Iam looking for a tool where I can simply click to divide an edge. Without the need to use the knife or subdivide menu. Just one mousclick to do it.
Anyone some idea?

Not exactly what your looking for, but may help.

Yes thanks, might be a workaround but not really what iam after.
Lookin more for a f2 like behaviour.

Workflow would be:

  1. Enable “quick divide function”
  2. Leftclick and hold anywhere on an edge will add a vertex there and switches automaticallyto grab mode which exits when you release.

Just one click to divide and place new vertex after release.

AFAIK such a tool does not exist natively in Blender. The closest you can get with built-in tools, in behavior, if not in UX, is using the Vertex -> Rip Vertices And Extend tool (hotkey in default keymap is Alt+D). With it, you can select a vertex, activate the tool while hovering over a connected edge, and switch to slide by hitting G. Quite a bit more steps than you require though.

Maybe there’s an add-on that provides such one-click functionality (I’m not aware of one), or if you really need it you could commission someone to code it in the Jobs section.


Thanks for your Tip. The main disadvantage here is that the rip feature has no nGon support.
To divide quickly using the bevel vertex here seem to be a faster solution when using it on bounderies.

yes this might be a good idea

What do you mean by it not having n-gon support?

While trying to demonstrate my claim, i realized that it works and my mouse positioning while alt-d was the problem. When hovering the mouse more preciseley it works the way you recommend it.

I must say alt-d is almost that function what i was looking for!
VERY nice. Thanks!!!

It doesnt make a big different here using the keystroke instead of the mouseclick. Both fast.
Using vertex bevel and rip+extend is the perfect combination for 2d mesh cut outs.

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