Tools for curves


(guy lateur) #241

The addon is broken and no longer supported. Sorry.

(mkbreuer) #242

You can try to install this one:

It includes the last curvetool version.

(marksto) #243

How do I download this addon? I have tried it by downloading from file in user preferences and then AppData/Roaming-Way. It not appears in user preferences addon list both-way.

(MasterJames) #244

Anyway to make this more procedural, where it changes with curve edits? (maybe I’m missing something obvious please help).
Meaning if you move one of the source curves the loft automatically updates without needing to rebuild the loft.
Then it would be able to be animated even I suppose (without shape morphs or similar).
It’s kind of a dramatic difference I’ve noticed between Blender and Houdini I’d like to see adopted more and more if it’s technically not possible this would be a good starter to approach Blender devs, and address what’s missing/needed to achieve that (a more procedural Blender). Obviously one can have a bake button or use a Mesh from Curves kind of route if adding sculpt etc but it would be nice if it was all/more procedural/modifiers one day.

(MasterJames) #245

Link to latest version when installing in 2.79 says “One or more addons do not have UTF-8 encoding” so won’t install.
See console but nothing there.
Current version is not doing what it says/shows in video, I also just asked about, (which I suspected originally and changed my mind before posting a request ~ still moderating) called “Driven”, meaning the lofted mesh does not update with source curve changes.
Also as you cryptically may have mentioned no closed curves, as in circles yet.

(MasterJames) #246

Right super old thread now I see. There’s this via animation nodes instead.

(Mackraken) #247

Yes the original addon was broken long ago, also the Driven feature. I have played around recently and the mesh does not update on edit curve mode but i have managed to generate the surface once you leave the mode. Have to check the script, there are still broken parts.


Hi @Mackraken,
Do you still work on this addon, or it already got abandoned?

(Mackraken) #249

Hi, im afraid it is abandoned for quite some time.

(bkjernisted) #250

Would this addon help?


Maybe :slight_smile: I already saw that one.
I’m not sure however if I really need such tool and if it would help to improve my workflow, therefore I wanted to try something free before buying stuff.