Toon Fish Pipi

Today I started modeling a fish, after a saw some work from Pablo (VenomGFX)
And it turned out pretty well, and I would like to get some critics about it and maybee some ideas to make a background.


It’s creepy looking :stuck_out_tongue: joking. It’s really good! Is it going to be animated? I love the colors and texture!!!

some small things:
-eyes need to stay in their sockets more.
-also, texturing needs some work (and lighting/ bg)

other than that, good work :smiley:

That is so cool. I’d love to see it in an animation.

Looks perfect for animation!

Wow, that is the simplest topology I’ve ever seen. Great job!

reminds me of “What Hump?” from young dr. frankenstein (pronounced frank-en-STEEN)

Hehe thats sounds like a compiment :wink:

And yes, I’m making it for animation and just finished his armature! :slight_smile:

For the textures, what kind of improofments do you need? Thanks for your critics!

Yes I just finished his Armature :slight_smile:
Haha Great Reactions thanks!

I like the eye socket most, but the eye does need pushed back just a bit. Good start though. Any plans for a fish short film?

Yes I agree, thats something I was arguwing with my self for about 5 hours. Hehe
After I’ve done some more texturing and maybee environment work, It would be nice to do a small animation. Like a little fish that is swiming around in a fish tank, thinking he is in a big ocean… After his dream, he makes some speed and bombs hard apon the glasswall. or something funny… hehe
I’m more worried about the environment…

That sounds like a cool idea. Maybe have some other fish watching him like he is an idiot, you NEED a starfish though HAHA.

Hahaha :smiley: Yeah thats a need, maybee I can make a couple little fishes thats making fun of him :slight_smile: Like tiny guppies :slight_smile:

Well after some help and much of thinking, I got to a next WIP!


I can proudly announce that NFollmer want’s to help me with this project!
We are both going to model and Nate does most of the texturing! I’ll later on concentrate more at animating.


wow, the texture looks great!

though with the hard lighting in the last pics it look more like snake skin rather than fish scale (look at where the brightest reflection on the skin is). try using softer lighting (similar to what you usually see in water anyway).

Thanks, yeah I agree somethings arn’t good jet. But I think we gonna make some diference when we setup de SSS and get the Pipi mesh unrapped well. It takes some time to get that right.

About lighting; I’ll set that up correctly, thanks. I maked it that bright because I’m playing with the colorramps, so it’s nothing more then debugging en presentation. When we are making the animation, there’s gonna be a more complex light setup that does make sence. haha
Any more reactions?

-really nice model, I like ur efficient use of polygons-

-I would suggest adding some personality to his body, right now his tail fin seems kinda long maybe bend it down a bit or shorten it…but if this is the way you want him then that’s fine…Keep up the good work-

Aah thats something i’ve been strugling al the time, I don’t know how large his fin has to be.
Maybee it looks way to big, but it also stands a little bit cluny, he issn’t that smart you know :wink:
I was also thinking to add a backfin? Maybee a good idea?

This day I reseaved a newer version of his skin etc, what do you ppl think of it?


Love it! Very…scaly! Although for more of a cartoony expression, I would open his mouth wider.