Topology Opinions for Cartoon Characters Face?

Hi Guys,
I’m working on a model that i would like to animate later down the line, i really want to make sure that i am getting the technicalities of modelling the correct topology correct. could you take a look at my edge flow and give me any pointers as to where i can improve it? Thanks for reading!



Maybe this can help you ? What you think ? I can’t write anything myself about it but i was searching some info about it for myself as well. I also find interesting. I think the time-laps i linked is there as well. Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for much for responding! its funny cuz i was just watching that video earlier! its brilliant! :open_mouth:

If you are going for a realistic topography, then Blender Cookie has something you can use.

Hard to judge a cartoon character based on mesh alone (I mean I could crit the shape of the eyes or mouth, but theymay look exactlhe waou want them too) – can you show a picture of what you want him to look like?

yeah, the style im going for is from this devientart page here, im using it as a practice model.
it is looking the way i want it to, but im worried about whether it is going to deform well when i come to animate it. after working on it a little bit more this is what i have.

and @XeroShadow, I’m a Citizen of Blendercookie, salutations fellow Citizen XD

Alright after hours of work i think, i have topology i am finally happy with!
:slight_smile: any thoughts?

that looks quite good to me.

Thanks for that!, sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement x)

I’m liking this very much. Interested to see your progress.

Thanks! i will keep posting my WIP here then :slight_smile:

I’m at a cross-roads here because i have no clue how to go about doing the clothing, whether to sculpt it, or keep it simple, i have no clue. any suggestions? I’m trying to preserve the cartoony look here. (in the meanwhile ill browse blend swap to look at examples XD)

And for the hair. Im thinking of going with one very large geometric mesh and then sculpting the large clumps of hair into it. I want it to be one big mesh because i kind of want to give the hair its own armature so that i can animate it bouncing around an whatnot.

Below is where i am right now.

Just a little note, I’m aware that her face looks slightly skinny, i think this is due to doing most of my modelling in orthographic mode, it just doesn’t carry over to perspective, so i plan to puff out the cheeks a little bit :slight_smile:

below is a close up of her eye lid, was wondering if you could give me some pointers on it? i plan to make her blinks obviously, am i in the correct path?

Alright! i’ve started on the hair but i’ve stopped for tonight, ill come back to it with fresh eyes tomorrow!
im guessing the lack of overwhelming criticism means I’m not doing anything horribly wrong? :slight_smile: anyways ill keep posting as i work :slight_smile:

here I’m trying out making the hair one big mesh which i will give an armature later for animation (i want the hair to be as much of a part of her characterisation as her!) I blocked out the geometry and i will do fine cartoony detail with Dynamic topology sculpting, and then i will retopologize the hair… heres hoping it will work :slight_smile:


The eye should deform fine – you may have to remove an edge loop or two but I’d wait until it’s rigged before making drastic changes. Sometimes you just don’t know how a mesh will deform until it’s actually rigged up.

Alright thanks for the tip :slight_smile: you said “remove” an edge loop? that confuses me because i was under the assumption that the more loops you have, the smoother it will deform, thats why i added couple extra edge loops :slight_smile:

So after some time, here is an update!

I sculpted the hair (very simple, i could have done it by box modelling, but i wanted to try to sculpt) after i sculpted the hair i retopologized it (fun process!)

Then i attempted using multires to sculpt the clothing, but i failed miserably so i gave up (any tips for that would be appreciated, i just can’t seem to make it look good :frowning: ), i think i will leave it as it is, and probably paint in slight wrinkles with texture painting or something.

All i have yet to model is her hair tie and her shoes, shouldn’t take too long.

And now here’s what she looks like:

The eyes are really creepy as hell, maybe you should try scaling’em down a little bit.

Nice work, now show us a 22min episode :slight_smile:

Ah alright, well im guessing its because shes opened her eyes, as wide as possible right now to match the reference? ill make it slightly smaller :slight_smile: also i guess it might be because of the lack of eye-brows XD

Not a bad start, you are definitely close to nailing the look and style of the character reference. I would pull the hair a little further forward on her head, it looks like her hair is receding too far back.

I think as well that the waist could use a little more of a pinch like the reference, which would also help pronounce her female figure.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

The problem with the eyes is the apex happens off center. Fix that and I think it will be fine

Thank you! iv completed the changes you suggested, however only ever so slightly, :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the drawing! it really helps with letting me know how to improve!