Totraum: Revive (6/25/11)

Totraum is a “strategic-driven, horror-filled Top-Down Shooter Game.” It’s very similar to the game “DeadSpace” (Totraum means DeadSpace in German.) It’s set in a futuristic environment aboard an inter-planetary cruise liner. You’d be surprised what wonders in the black abyss called the Milky Way. Key Features: Randomly generated weapon stats. Upgradeable weapons. Armor sets. Elemental Combat System (ECS: new and unique way to play.) Unique, randomly generated enemies. Why? Horrifying scenes and sounds! Abstract graphics letting your imagination take the best of you! Dark and gripping action! A wicked ride of adrenaline shooting!

Totraum is a project that never really died for me. It’s probably the most logic has ever been pushed with my upgrade and stats system. I was working on this game back in February and left to much unfinished. It’s fun to keep adding little things to the game without having to worry about models, animations, ect.

Enjoy this video:

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wow this really looks cool, good job although I think that the circle of light is a bit to small. It is hard to see enemies coming and they are fast but other than that it looks really great.

It has ten levels of upgrades and the last one goes to each side of the screen. Thanks for the comment!

It does look really cool. I would recommend toning down the language - it seems a bit much. Also, the sounds are well-done, but they don’t really match with the visuals. Perhaps more ‘blippy’ sounds would work, or if you distorted the ‘real’ sounds to be more game-like (like the game). Other than that, I like the feel and look of it. The sentries are a good idea, as well (one that I might have to use in GridSpace, if I ever get around to working on it some more).

Well, chiptune sounds are not scary and It’s important that it’s scary. I just added a gravity beam so you can pick up any object in the game including sentries. You can carry them around and they shoot at enemies!

personally I like the sounds, I can’t rationalise it, I think it’s the contrast with the common expectations for the graphic style and the fact it adds to the idea you mentioned of letting your imagination get the better of you. It gives it more depth than a toony laser “pew”. And the sound quality is superb, where did you get them? (was it a payed-for license/library?)

On top of that, the game looks genuinely fun, well done! :smiley:

Thanks a lot! the FPSbanana community user community created the weapon sounds. Everything else came from I edited them all after to make sure they sound correct. You are free to use the sounds as long as you don’t use them commercially. It is turning out be quite fun. Even in it’s barely demo sandbox state, it’s cool to play around with it.

“I added a gravity power so you can pick up any object in the game. I also organized the powers so they work on the same button and can be selected with the mousewheel.”

Nice. I like the gravity power alot. Very inventive -how will it come into play in the game, besides picking up sentries and carrying them around with you? Also, can you shoot while using the glove?

It has a sweet robotron feel to it. Very cool.

Thanks! There will be physics based puzzles in the game. It’s completely open to anything from weight-pads, sliders, ect. It also has a use to block bullets like a shield. Yes, you can use it while shooting; I might possibly take that away.

Thank you!

Hello! I added a simple health system (bottom left) and a weapon inventory to the HUD so you can see all the details of your weapons (middle.) Other things added include a nice sound and blip animation to the power glove switch (for sensor recognition.) Please look at the picture and comment!

I added a computer terminal which I’ll use to open doors, give weapons, spawn traps, give information, and build the story. You can hack it just like the sentry. Anything with the property “bad” can be hacked right away. Enjoy the update!

I was thinking of the most effective way to handle level design and this is what I’ve come up with. I’ve dropped a lot of project cause level design never turned out the way I wanted it too.

I think this is the best way to handle it for my game as I easily created a bathroom in 10 minutes and added to to the game. :eyebrowlift2:

Added explosions to the rocket launcher which chooses randomly between 8 different blast rings.

Added a Medical Booth to the game. It is assigned a random value of health from 25 - 100 So you’re not guaranteed full health. If the machine has 39 health points, your character receives 39 health points. When the machine is out, the screen turns red and a shutdown noise plays.

I like the progress that you’re making. It’s looking really fun. I also like the graphics for the level - that low-fi feel is awesome.

I made an explosive barrel which can cause chain reactions and creates an explosive force. Really simple but it’s what I did today so far.

I like how you’re making rapid, daily progress on the game - it’s looking better and better each time. I like the chain reaction idea, though the enemies seem immensely tough! LOL

Similar to the blast rings, I believe that you should create differing randomly generated explosions so as to create variation within the game. I applaud the work you have completed as of yet sir, and I anxiously anticipate new progress from this innovative Blender Game Engine Project. Sir, I salute you.