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Here’s a little sneak peak at new WIP feature: toggleable lights


Hey guys:) Long time no see.

Here are the new vehicles to appear next week in traffiq 1.2 release.

We now have 4 cars with highly detailed interior.

And also we’ve finished the lights for traffiq 1.2.

Looking forward to releasing:)


I have purchased and really appreciate your Materials Addon, so I would think this is also as good as the demos suggest or better!
I have an urban design project that I am working on where these would be handy. In order to select the lite or full package, I would like to know

  1. what street equipment is offered in the Lite? apart from vehicles (the product page shows the difference of the two packages, only regarding vehicles)
  2. are the libraries of lite expandable with custom, user objects?
  3. Is there a difference between packages, other than assets? is all functionality offered in both?

Regardless of the package, are there LOD variants of each car? It is scary seeing the detailed interiors, I can only imagine how it will quickly load up and slow down a model where there are many cars. For me that is much more useful than full interiors.

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Glad to hear about you liking materialiq :slight_smile:

Regarding your questions:

  1. There is one third of street elements in lite.
  2. It is possible but not at all easy. The model needs to be named correctly, put in the collection correctly, the preview must be in the correct folder… You can take a look how some of our models are done, after a while I think you can get the gist but it’s at least 10 minutes per asset. In the future we might have a button to create user asset from selected but for now this is how it is.
  3. The functionality is the same, the only difference is in the assets.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick response. There was one more question, regardless the package:

How heavy are the cars? Is there a low-poly, or external only, or other form of Level of Detail choice?

Hi Adam,

@Alphisto Really good! I think is a really nice update and im greatuful!
One request i would have for this and for botaniq, is a way to installl the library on a separete folder and not in the addons inside blender. some times im working on 3 different blender versions and that multplies the installation size. As well will be super useful for updates.


PS: I used some botaniq library on this post, forgot to mention before :slight_smile:

Regarding the LODs there isn’t any in-built functionality for that yet. However we’ve got that planned:) Would like to have it automated.

When it comes to if you’re going to be able to render these cars even with the interiors then yes, traffiq is heavily optimized, we really make sure that’s possible and some of these cars with the interiors are actually more optimized than our older cars.

@patoaltaco It’s possible to move installation after install but yes, it takes more time than if it was separated. But we were getting so many questions about how to install if you had to set the path yourself that we’ve given up and just made it as a zip. However that being said, in the future we’ll have some sort of auto-updater so don’t worry:)

This looks exactly like what I have been looking for. Thank you for the addon.

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This keeps getting better and better. I’m already a satisfied customer but I think I have to get all your addons now. Darn you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You’re welcome:)

Haha, we’ve got big plans for all our addons this year:)

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Nice renders

Trying to decide between this or the Transportation add-on. I like your cars looks more, but I need to animate the cars, and like that the cars in Transportation are rigged. Anyone here have both and can tell me why you may prefer one over the other?


Hi tikiguy,

we don’t have the cars rigged yet but it’s planned for the next release. So it really depends on how fast you would need that.

However on our Discord there are users who say it’s rather straightforward to do for the cars with rigacar I believe but if you need many cars rigged it can get tedious.


I prefer Traffiq for the same reason you mention, the look and level of detail.

Just one example, where the tires meets the rim in Traffiq looks like two separate detailed objects where as the transportation add-on looks flat with maybe just two textures applied. I believe Traffiq just updated the add-on to add more detail inside the vehicles too. These type of things add up across the vehicle to add to or take away from the realism.

Transportation maybe geared more for game assets and Traffiq more for detailed scenes or film. I’m sure both have their advantage.

If needing quick rigs their is a car rigging add-on mentioned above that works well.