Transfer color attribute R, G, B to unique vertex groups

Hello, I recently learned how to bake my material (curvature map) to color attributes, but the addon I’m using needs a vertex group for scattering / distribution of objects.
I was thinking to pack different maps to R, G, B, bake them, then somehow convert them to vertex groups, anyone have some tips?

I saw in an older post someone suggest to bake to texture, but I wanted to check if there is a more direct method in v3.2.0

There is addon that can do taht:

ot that way


Thanks so much, I see now I can do everything in geo nodes, no need for baking / dealing material stuff.

Awesome that this can easily be done with geonodes now!

My addon was originally made pre-2.80, and although I did port it to 2.80+, it hasn’t been updated for quite a while now. With the latest changes in 3.2 and 3.3 to how vertex color information is stored, it looks like the addon will break, and I’ve been a bit too lazy to update it :sweat: I think people are better off sticking with geonodes for now.

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