Transferring material selections from one mesh to another


I posted this on the blender stack exchange but got no response so trying here…

I’m trying to texture my character in Blender. The original mesh came from DAZ, and was sculpted a bit in C4D before being brought into Blender for Rigify rigging and animation.

Now I’ve made the animation, I want to add textures to it. The way to do it, I thought, would be to import the oroginal FBX export from DAZ, with all the textures embedded and with all the same vertex IDs. From there I thought I could then simply do Ctrl + L > Copy UV Maps, and Ctrl + L > Copy Materials. But when I do this, it doesn’t work properly.

This picture shows my target mesh after I have tried transferring the textures. (source mesh is in background, horribly distorted but with textures correctly applied):

Scene file uploaded to Googel Drive because it was over 30 Mb:

They’re both based on the exact same DAZ figure with the same UV map and vertex IDs, so I don’t understand why I’m getting this result?

Can anyone help?


The black spot on the arms makes me think about an non symmetric problem.
Did you do your UV Maps and Copy Materials transfert in Pose mode or in Rest Position ? Not sure it should matter but your uv looks correct, texture looks correct so…

This is the only think I can think off for now without being able to try importing from DAZ myself.

Have you seen this addon ? DAZ Importer

Thanks for the reply! I applied the materials in pose position, so yes it could be that’s the issue.

Thans for linking the DAZ importer- the only issue is that I took it into C4D first, got rid of the DAZ rig, then sculpted it a bit before improting it to blender.

I will try applying the materials in pose position



Just a heads up that I solved this be re-exporting my mesh from C4D as a DAE, and then bringing into Blender and binding to the rigify rig. Couldn’t find a solution otherwise