Here for the download:

Very simple addon.

It will be part of my major plugin release.

At least you don’t need to pay just for a single small feature.

Though, donations are welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

See this thread’s #4 for detail on how it can work:

I’ve eliminated most of the foreseeable Errors, so it will most likely show you a popup of a readable error instead of crashing blender or forcing you to restart your blender when there are something wrong.

If you encounter any errors that aren’t humanly readable, please report here.


I have buy it, works perfectly.

IF you want some idea for your your “plugin release” see the Pushing Points Profile Bevel. I have seen when I buy your addon and it’s a great idea.

Saw this in the other thread and donated immediately to support development, as soon as I saw this one. Thanks! Looking forward to what this becomes.

wow that was quick, nice work, :slight_smile:

The pushing point script is pretty cool. I can see how to implement it in several ways. Will try to work on some feature like that. Modo has too many interesting plugins. :smiley:

Thank you all for the support. It motivates me to work on more. Cheers.

Thank you!

Thanks this saves tons of time!

Great idea!

Works fantastic with all different kind of meshes: volume, plane or wired!

To be honest guys. I don’t know what I can improve for this little script. Got any ideas? Anything, whether it’s about bevel or not. I only worked on tools that I can think about and use for my own workflow, but I’d like to take inputs from others so my tools can work for more people.

The Unbevel works, you cannot improve it something that works. You could make other tools, but no work more on this.

if you need a new idea something like this would be awesome! :wink:

dairin0d started this years ago

Teacrab, to my opinion the best is to put your time for collaboration with Ilya Radinkov in building a Mesh fusion like tool for Blender! It is evident that you have quite enough expertise -and devotion- in programming, so you can do it. The outcome of such an involvement would be great! : - )

if a collaboration is wanted by ilya then forget my macro recording request :wink:
mesh fusion is so much more important!!

this is the thread btw

Good point. Ha

I think I’ll start looking at how to achieve the “Push Points Profile Bevel”.

Macro recorder is something way beyond my knowledge, I’m afraid. But I do notice blender’s default API contains something(feature) related to “Macro”, I just haven’t found out how to use it, or any addon that already uses such feature. Basically, nowhere to learn about it. Though, with enough brutal force and time, a text command based macro can be achieved without much brain cells. But that’s going to be a LOT of time. I’ve included the plan of some kind of renaming macro in my naming addon, the concept is the same as what I just described, but I haven’t got interests to work on it yet.

If you use Pie Menu Editor addon, it already achieves something very similar to Macros.

And, yea I’m interested in the Bevel Boolean tool, and I’ll keep trying to contribute on that. However I’m not any expert in programming. I just had the chance to learn Blender’s API last year, and combined with my experience using Blender.

Thanks for the inputs. Any new inputs are welcome, too.

Pie Menu Editor can actually do something similar. You can add all the steps to a single button then just click it.

I actually have a button for making holes.

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In reality if you want you can do it only copying all the commands of the command list, create a text in text editor and add import bpy in the first line. Click in Run Script and you obtain the same. Is not automatic, but well, it works.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

i just bought pie menu editor … nice addon ^^

Glad it was of help mate. It is indeed an amazing plugin.

I’ve updated the script for 2.8