Universal Sonic Mouth - Blender Rigging Tutorial

This is a Blender Tutorial on how to create a Universal Sonic Mouth. Universal meaning the mouth can move from the left to the right of Sonic’s muzzle, without the need of separate meshes or rigs like the games use. This method is usable in any other 3d program that has a shrinkwrap-like feature.

expression tests by Deadlyname15


Marza Studio’s “Universal Sonic Mouth” used in the CGI of Sonic '06 which inspired this. English

translation from PsifinityDXI

Free Demo File Download
Short Video Tutorial:

Animation Demo:
Lip Smoothness (Old- sharp “shrinkwrap” vertex group; New- smooth “shrinkwrap” vertex group)

Final Note:
I made this tutorial back in 2021, with the help of PsifinityDXI, and there’s been a struggle to find a permanent place for it since. After sticking around here for awhile, I think this community is a nice spot. This kind of idea could be used for more than just Sonic, I’ve already made some headway using it on Kirby. Hopefully you guys can find some use for it too :moyai: