Until Then - Hospital scene for BG entry

So I did’t want to post a WIP until I needed some critique, but now I am at a crossroads and need some suggestions. So basically I need to make a hospital room with people in it and I am not sure whether to use Cycles or BI. I know BI can do more than most people give it credit for, but it still is not as realistic as I’d like:

Cycles on the other hand is nice and realistic(not as good as octane yet, but I don’t have the money), however it does not support hair and SSS which are necessities when doing people. Also noise can be a problem because BI Directional is not in the trunk yet. This render only had 10 passes so I don’t expect it to be clean.

I could composite the people in, but that would be a lot of work. What do you think?
Also the materials are just placeholders, I just wanted to not have them all be white. And I am not done modelling, the scene is far from complete.

In this kind of render setup, I’d prefer compositing, because of the complexity of making credible 3d humans.
If you decide to render in more cartoon style, I’d say why not 3d people.
Nice scene, the space between furniture doors is a bit big, 8-9mm instead of 2. The ‘doors mechanism’ (I don’t know english word) can be 50% more little imho. Reflexions in the window in the first image are a good way to show the back of the scene.

keep it up!


Thanks a lot for the furniture suggestion, I will for sure fix that. Also I don’t know if how I said this was confusing because I wrote it right before bed but I am making 3d people, and I am trying for decently realistic. I meant rendering them in BI with hair and SSS and compositing them into the cycles scene and using a sort of “cast only” option so it looks like they cast shadows, but they aren’t really rendered. Also in the cycles scene I had some trouble with my sun lamp, because It did not light up the room like the first one. Any idea why?
Thanks again,

I think it’s because the sun lamp is not yet supported by cycles, in my scene it didn’t cast shadows(edit: false, see eppo’s answer, for me it was light size that was not good)… I used a normal point light at very high levels ± 10 000 000 (don’t know why).
Ok for the hair I read somewhere that particles and hair are for the future cycles releases…patience or compositing. Character design and clothes will be a challenge… is it for animation?


10 passes? Are you sure only 10 passes? :confused:

cycles sun works just fine…

Ya, old versiions of Blender with Cycles didn’t have a Sun that worked. Now it does. Download a new version.

Ah, thank you, it was the size setting. This morning I changed it to a area and let it render to 100 passes while I was gone. I should have done more, as there are still fireflies. Oh and the huge glare on the floor is a result of the are lamp being close, so please ignore that.

yes, the previous picture was 10 passes. Also this is just a picture, not for an animation. It has a really cool story that I think you would enjoy, however I have to keep that part hidden until I am done with this room. I have to have it done in around a month, so I don’t have time to wait on a new version of cycles unless it is released in like a week or two which I doubt. However I may be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for all the help so far! I still am not decided on which one to use yet though. Any thoughts?

So I fixed a few things and rendered again, this time with a whopping 2000 passes overnight and during the day. I think it looks pretty realistic, but I am not sure how to get rid of those white spots. I guess I’ll go with cycles even though it takes way longer, but It looks way better.

Well I am glad I decided on using cycles, because it seems pretty good so far, a lot better than BI. I am fixing the wood right now to make the grain not stand out so much, and make it more glossy. I tried to texture the curtains, but I couldn’t find anything that looked good together. I am looking for about 3 textures that compliment the colors of the scene.

Any suggestions or critiques?

Oh, also the reason the bed is so bare looking underneath and on top is because I have to model the person to go in it first, and then texture and pose him, then finally sculpt the blankets on top. They will drape down and cover most of the underpart of it.

The floor is a little too reflective
the background is a little distracting

I already fixed the floor, and I think I will add blinds, and also make the background brighter. Perhaps if I have time, I will model the background myself. Thanks!

To improve floor add bump texture made out of same for floor tiles, desaturated and noise, brightness/contras adjusted, leaving mostly squares into Displacement of output node.
For a semitransparent curtain texture/material i used texture created in program called Alchemy (fun one). You might add a little amount of emission to yours (like how you did them), it’ll make them more bright, not greyish. For the background image - i would try to hue it slightly bluish and blur a little.

It’s comming along nicely Jonathan:) My one thought is that you may want to try just having landscaping out side or at least something way less busy. I feel like the outside is drawing way to much attention right now and I’m sure you want your focus inside.

Keep it up:)

Thanks guys, I hope this helps the attention problem, but I think I need to change the lighting accordingly. Sorry Eppo I havent got a chance to look at your texture because my internet is sometimes stupid with certain sites. I also noticed the couch is a little out of scale, so I will fix that as well. Here is a link to the high res.

So as you can see in my previous post, the specular of the wood is the color of the wood, but I want it to be white. since Cycles does not have a place to define specular color, what should I do? Thanks!

Mix shader with your material and for FAC apply a fresnel. and add a white diffiuse

Hmm… I most likely did it wrong, but that did not work for me, I just got a different result. I figured it out though, I added a divide node and divided the glossy node by one. Thanks though, I have a lot to learn about nodes, and since I’m going to have to do a crap load of compositing for this picture, I better learn now.

Yeah, the white specular makes a huge difference. This is rendered with 2000 passes.

Please check out the high res and critique if you can. Thanks!

true now it’s much much better can you show nodes for it?