Unwrap overlap face show

hi. everybody
is there a way to open unwrap in the blender and show overlapping surfaces?
thank you.

Selam Aziz,

UV Packmaster addon has such feature. Check this topic:

Hmm, I thought you were asking for UVs. I don’t remember that Max feature but selecting all vertices and removing doubles should fix it.

Let’s not forget forum rules, English only (=

hii emir

There is a feature like max.I was looking for such a feature. thank you for your interest.

Well then, how did you miss that feature of UV Packmaster? :sweat_smile:

we can’t have this feature without spending money. understood. thanks emir.

Emir Sinan Gürlek via Blender Artists Community [email protected] şunları yazdı (10 Mar 2019 16:43):