Upbge - 0.3.0

ok dude thanks a lot … i’m working with blender for 2 years now, been loots to learn, and coding was my last option cause, 1st- model,2nd-texture,3rd-animations, lighting, baking, optimizations,… etc coding last, cause i figured that i need to learn using what i have and then change something that already exists, as customize ! i can code like simple basic stuff for now … guess coding time will come on ai setup and moving stuff arround, and guess it will take another 2-3 years to learn :scream::crescent_moon:

@lordloki_reloaded may have LOD restored soon at some point or @aWeirdOwl
in C++

for now though I can make a script that just uses object properties and custom spawn script.
(on frame zero -> scrape a list of objects with LOD -> run lod (if object is added it must be added to list to be tracked))

ok man thank you very much ! can wait to test it out to see how it works ! i only work with blender so you know … texturing modeling and everything ! and some gimp ! and by the way nice game youre working on, maby i’ll post some of my work on youtube, see what improvements some critics can come up with, but i’m a little bit scared of critics :grin: !

I have uploaded a new linux build to test

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hello there ! i cant find the level of detail option in upbge - eevee 3.0, can this thing be solved in anyway ? or is there another way to do this ? can you please help me in this sense so i can finish something i’m already working on 2.79 in 3.0 upbge - eevee? maybe you can give me a link about this or a topic … dont know. i’m using version 3.0 for win 10,64, and coding this kind of stuff would take months for me, cause i’v focused on modeling first on my proj, i was using premade option with lod tiles on a terrain ! now i dont know how to do it and i’m like stuck in the swiching from 2.79 to 3.0 process ! thank you


I coded one this morning and recorded it but it’s not complete yet (video still proccessing)
lod_test.blend (662.8 KB)

the properties inside the object set what mesh it will be replaced with and at what distance

it still needs finished but I have a class to teach in 5 minutes

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wow ! hey man thank you so much for this !

no problem - when I get a minute I will add the ability to ‘forget’ invalid objects and to add added objects to the track LOD system list.

thanks a lot !

New things to play. With use viewport render option we can use all modes, even grease pencil!!!
Thanks to Youle for the work.

is there a way to make overlay sense work In eevee/ upbge 0.3.0

Not yet. +10 characters

sorry,I can’t find the export of the game. Is it somewhere else, or hasn’t it been built yet?

I think a temp solution was to search for export as game engine runtime in the f3 menu*

@aWeirdOwl ?

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I find it in this way. Thank you

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is upbge already in blender 2.8 or do i need to download it? if i need to download it what is the current version?


loki and youle have added it back to 2.8 in a fork (upbge)

you have to download and install it.

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yeah … i’ll just use whatever is blender integrated ! Im hoping developers will come together and create the ultimate game engine inside blender, is what i would donate for ! what i need for now inside blender game is level of detail, or a scene overlay so i can optimize stuff, i need a car simulator with all the options ( from clutch to open doors and lights, and dashbord ), a tutorial on how to blend animations, but not only the basics one … i need like 20 animations in a character blended, cause last time some of my animations jumped straight from one to another, and i need some sky setup with moving clouds and lighting, and day night cycle (tutorial or blend ) ! we got lights inside blender now we got modeling animations movies and texturing and baking and everything, now we need to create games from start to finish, is what i do, for hobby !

For blend in animations you have to adjust the layers / layer weights or use different layers and blend in,

For car physics we have the bullet physics engine vehicle constraint wrapper but you can also easily roll your own.

Thank you. is this version ready to make a game 3d or 2d? website says you can be a one man army is it ready for that or is that in development or does it depend on what kind of game you want to create? what kind of advise would you give someone is is good at modeling but sucks at animation and coding?
sorry for throwing so many questions at you. I want to create a simple yet fun hack n slash and i would love to beable to use one program to do everything i need although im finding that very diffucult to find.

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