Upbge - 0.3.0

render by @Ob1

win 64 / experimental build



God bless.

LibLoad seems to be causing crashes on my end, so sadly I won’t be porting Throne to eevee anytime soon. Still going to keep a close eye on it though.

you don’t need to do that
I think with bpy you can just snag it and load it in.

BPY is your right hand now

man this file is huge?
I will have to ask youle about it (no geo or anthing in it)

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Oh, so blenderplayer is being replaced by blender proper? That’s a huge step foward.
Moreso if the plan is to use bpy to the fullest. Things like manipulating meshes, generating materials, textures and nodetrees, creating groups, etc; doing all of that at runtime opens up more possibilities than I can even think of.

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Hey, is work very well, but i not see option to export the project as standalone, it is exist or still in developement?


so, in the new engine - we are using bpy for many things, and this is not available in standalone mode,

so we need a new standalone mode using blender.exe itself to open a new window / resize / play the game inside blender/ fullscreen etc.

it’s possible to have upbge eevee Linux64 ? Also where could i learn how to activate all those nice looking things in upbge ?

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I am really excited for this! I have been using the Blender game engine to teach game development to high school students. With me switching to 2.8 I didn’t want to have to use 2 different versions of Blender in my classes. Thank you so much for the work you’ve done here!


this is the work of Panzergame, Loki, and youle.

youle ported upbge 1.7 to blender 2.8 by himself !

this is still an experiment at this stage, but it is worthy of some attention.

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eevee is a good thing to improve fps in general ? My game drops to 30 fps with some fancy visuals

i still don’t know waht vanilla upbge brings new in terms of rendering than bge does already.

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Couldn’t you guys focus more on the core of BGE?
This practically kills it again and NO SKYDOMES!
I don’t like the UI, different shortcuts by default and it’s very sloppy.
This could have been left in the oven a bit longer because, everything that made UPBGE stand apart from Blender is now gone. I’m sticking with the original UPBGE until Environment Map and all of it’s applications return.

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jeez dude, slow down a sec. this isnt a release, its a pet project of youle that he decided to compile just for kicks. the amazing thing is that it works at all.

and whats this about skydomes? eevee fully supports hdr environment textures and pbr. theres only a few limits to that when the game is run (no exposure, limited color management, etc). so this 2.8 variant has far superior “skydomes” then 2.79 upbge which required a uv sphere mesh and limited hdr.

features hdr from hdr haven as a world enviro node

Is there any reason why some people here obviously ignore my questions (…or my private message ) ?! . My question is simple. Where can i learn the things i have to set in upbge to make it look great ? Like materials shining and emitting light. I just don’t see any tutorials explaining how a BGE user should handle upbge. Same for upbge-eevee, what’s the point to create things and keep it secret on some obscur github page ?

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yes, that dark constant is very cool. Congrats. But maybe, explaining what Dark Constant is, could be nice too.

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no secret, its all automatic from the pbr system in upbge eevee.

i just used basic shader (disable nodes) for most of that stuff in the video. the rest is image based lighting from an enviro world texture.

EDIT: as for normal bge, there is a handful of secret sauce i use, but its used in some of the blends i post here.

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I’m annoyed that after mastering UPBGE that this thing comes out and my code is broken and LibLoad isn’t working anymore and the UI doesn’t even slightly resemble Old UPBGE.
It’s disorganized and not neatly categorized anymore.
No disrespect to the programmer(s) but, voicing what doesn’t work as a serious issue by being upset might be valuable feedback for future development.
It’s nothing personal.
It looks promising but, as of now I don’t like it.
This could help with that promise :slight_smile:
Best of luck to everyone involved.