Upbge - 0.3.0

sorry more questions… so i downloaded it and all i have seen is its blender 2.82 how do i get the game engine incorporated into it?

Press p to run engine

Logic editor panel is there you just have to switch to it
Options are mostly in render tab, and physics tab per object

yeah i downloaded some characters from make human and some animations from mixamo … it worked on basic animations … but strafe walk blend from jump to atack and more complex blending … … … maby it was out of my league for that moment. be shure i’ll try it till i figure it out, still it takes time, i would prefer to have a complete tutorial on it, so i can focus on some task i already do, and still after i’ll figure it out , there are lots and lots of tweeking, was thinking about some motion capture in the end … and the constraints there are some files from jreo, still did not manage to get those into upbge evee, there are some things i cannot figure for now … ! but just for now ! :slight_smile: anyways tanks for answering and helping us out a lot, some things i know i can make them but dont know and if they are right … if they are than i’ll do them that way ! is the professional advice that makes a difference !

Great I’m looking forward to the 1st Blender Next Gen Game :sunglasses:


If the armature has no actuator, then the constraint of the armature will fail. Is this a bug

no you need a 'run armature ’ brick

Yes, but it takes an action actuator to take effect



in older bge versions, run armature doesnt work on added objects, but an action actuator does.

hey man’s ! can someone redirect me to a tutorial where i see how can i make a realistic sky environment in upbge 3.0 ? with day night cycle and procedural clouds ? cause lighting and stuff has changed in upbge 3.0. and what used to work in 2.79 it now = 0

There isn’t really any tutorials for UPBGE 0.3 as it’s extremely new.
However, EEVEE tutorials should work for UPBGE 0.3 as they are sharing the same UI interface / rendering engine. I could be wrong on this, but I think not for the time being :man_shrugging:

game optimizations are different, you could have a big drop in fps in using procedurals or rendering purpose nodes! thing is i’m trying to find a corect way to do this, cause i want to be sure no fps drops will be present !

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The most performance for realism would be a glsl shader, like horizon zero dawn,

The easiest would be an HDRI + some sort of animated procedural noise. 4d noise can loop.

You could even bake 4d noise to a video

this version isnt even production ready, and eevee is still in its infancy, efficiency is still very much a wip from game engine side and blender foundation side.

just have fun and enjoy the fancy graphics. worry about optimizations after things have matured a bit.

as stated, any eevee tut or guide would apply here, any upbge specific stuff is too early to know. perhaps experiment and report your findings to further knowledge of what kicks fps?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk-flby9Tts - i tryed this tutorial - is about adding 2 scenes a high poly and a low poly, it was a great way in bge to optimize, there’s an error you have to correct in the tutorial - both cameras are set to ad low poly scene ( the one in the low poly scene has to be set to ad high poly scene ) ! it does not work in upbge 3.0 eevee … can someone figure it out why ? i could use this technique for my project ! in blender 2.79 if you dont link the objects when you ad a new scene, and you link them after you ad the scene, it wont work … dont know why, in upbge 3.0 you dont have an option when you ad a scene to link objects, there is only a link copy, if you ad a scene and then link object again it wont work … can someone find a solution ? or am i missing something ?

Is there a specific place to report findings ? cause the clamp option in uv mapping is missing, and the link objects in ad new scene is missing also !

any update on upbge 0.3.0 ? anyone knows something ?

UPBGE 0.3 Development gets talked about (almost) every-day on Blender Discord.

Channel #bge

k bro thankx a lot !

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anyone knows when the LOD system will appear on object properties, and ‘link objects, and link objects data’ options in ‘ad scene’ in upbge 0.3.0 ? i don’t have like that many years to wait for some main options, to get the job done and finish my project ! update please ! i cannot finish my project without that !

i’m trying to make this hud right
but it has this weird trail behind it, and just looks really weird
it looks like this
can someone help me out with this?