Upbge 3.0 armature modifier causes low frame rate

I’m having a problem on low fps for adding armature modifier in upbge 3.0 and i don’t have that problem on upbge 2.5,please can anyone help me

upbge 3.0

upbge 2.5

looks like the render is using it all. to be expected from 0.3.0 since it uses the eevee engine which isnt designed for high fps but for image quality.

mind sharing the pc specs?

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i have
cpu-ryzen 5 3600
and i don’t think it’s about the render engine cause the frame drops only occurs when i play the animations.

Deformation is very expensive in upbge,

The armature modifier is on the cpu, so the rest of the modifier stack can use its output, however modern game engines use the GPU for this, but it would make blender very complex to try and do this within the modifier stack,

The solution is a new armature system “after the stack” and just after that, adaptive subdivide,

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I discovered the solution friend, go to the “Shading” tab and remove the link from the normal map.