UPBGE shooter

(firefox.jco) #21

Very good the artistic direction of the game. As for detailing, I think it looks good and I think it’s a differential at this time where people are looking for photorealism.

(wkk.py) #22

Animations and art look awesome indeed!

Small comment on the sight: Usually, red-dots or scopes like you have on the weapon don’t have the crosshair directly on it, but rather make it appear as if it was printed on the background.

It is basically an optical illusion.

I have seen games where the crosshair was the way you have it now, and it was as pain to use because the sights would go misaligned with the barrel :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a bit of feedback.


thanks for the feedback, I actually wanted to do the red-dot like that but was spending too much time trying to figure it out. So I decided to leave it for now till I get the main things worked out in the gameplay.


Yeah, most people now like games for the realistic graphics. So I wanted to see if I could make something where people don’t even notice the graphics because they either like the unique look, or the gameplay itself.


(Thatimster) #26

Looks super neat! Will keep an eye on this project :slight_smile:


Thanks man, hopefully I will actually finish this one unlike my other ones.
I should have this prototype worked out enough in about a month to hopefully let everyone test it out.


Gotta love logic!

(Fred/K.S) #29

I Think i do remember this HD from a BGMC Game im pretty sure you were the one who created it. its still a nice shooter BTW congrats!




yeah, that was probably me. I’m still working on it, this one is just a placeholder to give it a better look till I remake it.
I have to make one that isnt a copy of halo 3’s lol

(specsdude) #31

Hi @painki11er is there anywhere we can download the game to try out what you’ve done so far? Thanks


Not yet, I’ve only been working on what u see in the pic and vid for a week. but hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll have enough put together to release a demo of it.

(specsdude) #33

OK no worries. Don’t feel obliged to get something out for us to see.

I was also wondering if you have had a look at any other game engines like Unity or Godot etc.?


I’ve attempted to learn ue4 and unity before, but I always end up coming back to bge cause It’s what I know.
But both ue4 and unity I would “like” to learn at some point.

(specsdude) #35

Sorry I only just saw this, lol.:upside_down_face:


It’s cool, no worries.
btw, I will most likely put up another vid tonight of my progress. I’m about to hook up this weapon, so we’ll see how that goes.




Game’s looking good. I like the art style.
Just curious, were you planning on it being single player, multiplayer or both?


Single player for now