UPBGE shooter


That’s cool. I just like to be able to play with someone else. Coop or vs. Makes it more enjoyable.

Anyway, good work!


Yeah, maybe when I have it where I want it I’ll think about adding some split or vs.


for anyone who is interested in what the map looks like now.

(Fred/K.S) #44

This is a spectacular Blender Game , buddy keep up the insane Progress im so excited to see more BTW great progress so far!



thx, I’m probably going to start working on enemies next. Since they’re the main part of a game I figured I should start trying to get them working.

(Fred/K.S) #46

Yeah do that really really cool once you got that done then you atleast have something playable then all that’d be left would be to Create more levels and add UI and more features.



hopefully it turns out ok, I havent really tried making behavioral enemies yet so we’ll see how it goes.



(Leefa Chensy) #50

Excellent work, even at such a raw stage, the game already attracts the eye.


The game will be somewhat low poly btw, so it will keep a very similar style to what you already see.
I wanted my goal to be gameplay over graphics, and I wanted to see how creative I could get with low poly.


(blenderaptor) #53

what are u going to do now that UPBGE is ending ? I think it doesnt matter, a game engine doesn’t make the game


It’s not getting removed from my pc, so I’ll keep making my game

(blenderaptor) #55

excellent !

(blenderaptor) #56


wow, at this point its harder than python


well I had it split between several different states, so it wasnt really that much of a mess lol

(blenderaptor) #58

your game looks so awesome, i like that clear and pure appearence. It looks like the demo of Armory 3D. It runs with eevee ? man, your game will give birth again to (UP)BGE

P.S : I dont know if you work like this , but , beside python (which is not that hard once you see some exemples), a good thing to reduce the number of bricks is to use “empties” as abstract entities working like hubs between objects : exemple (n = 8 relations) ;

n : 1 : n ( = 8 + 1 + 8 ) < it’ s less than < n : n ( = 8 * 8 ) With 1 python controller on an "empty’ you manage all the interactions between 2 objects and reduce by much the number of bricks. Well, i’m sure you already know this but i write it for the readers ^^

in other words, your playable character doesn’t necessarly needs to carry all the bricks on his shoulders :smiley:

keep going man :slight_smile:


yeah I just have it all setup on 1 object because I use messages to send triggers to everything else, that way if I have to change anything it affects everything connected the messages.
And since the messages are triggered with properties It’s not really possible to get the same effect if I were to split it up between different objects.
Because all the properties interact with each other.
I use my logic bricks in weird ways lol.

(Mr Lobo) #60

Wow! Awesome game! I think you can beat overwatch