UPBGE shooter


thx! I should have a demo out in about a week or 2 to let everyone check it out for themselves.
And after that I’m “thinking” about trying to get some more people in on it.

(Shogun Lloyd) #62

This looks awesome! Keep up the good work!


Getting close to finishing the demo, just have some things still giving me issues.

(blenderaptor) #64

Nice ! Are you planning to make a documentation or a wiki ? It would be nice to give details if you want people to put people on it.


I don’t know, I never really thought about that. It would be nice though


(blenderaptor) #67

cant wait to see the demo. Are you ok with the idea to make a collaborative project ?


yeah, I’d be cool with that.


Ok here it is all in just a 13mb download. Theres still quite a few things this demo doesn’t have that I want in my game, but I’m not going to deal with all of that until later on when I’m working on the actual game.
Btw this Isn’t going to run correctly unless It’s opened in upbge 2.3



Here is the exported .exe for anyone who wants it.
It’s around 170mb’s.

(Joseph) #72

Look very interesting, I’ll hope the history are good too. :+1:

(blenderaptor) #73

wow, nice ! Very good work so far. Im very noob with texturing and lighting. Did you just use UPBGE and everything looks good out of the box or did you parameter some stuff ?

The FPS seems a bit low. Did you figure out how to optimize your game ? I see that there’s is more bricks than in China wall ^^


That’s weird I don’t know why it would be running slow, and no I didn’t really do any optimization because I never had a problem with it dropping below 60fps in 1080p.

(blenderaptor) #75

yes. Its maybe because you have gamer computer. But for a Blender game with an scene with not much action (for the moment i guess) , better have it 60fps on a i3-i5 with Intel GPU chip only. (maybe its my OS or computer having the problem- other people should give a feed back)

Im not pro enough for the moment on BGE to give you advices. Give me a month or 2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: when my game will start to look good (see my thread haha) But i’m sure that maybe a python pro out there will be glad to work with you to review all the game system. It will also helps you to continue to work on your game as you wont be able to conceptualize your game system once you go beyond a big number of bricks.


The only thing thats really going to kill the fps is the bullet hole and hit effects, theres a lot of physics in the pieces that are getting spawned at impact. if you turn off the logic for those u should get pretty steady frame rate.


I could probably look into anything else that might be killing it as well though.


if you turn off the logic for the grass and vine animations u should get considerably higher fps.


I’m getting 180-200fps with the vine and grass animations off.

(blenderaptor) #80

yes, maybe. That’s a good example. Do an indie fps needs something like that ? It’s candy for the eye at start, but after it’s salty for the fan of my laptop :confused: (just my opinion)

Also, i see there’s lot of message sensors and pulse modes. That’s 2 signs that your game is wanting some Python. with Python you can use only 1 message sensor and decorate it’s content when you want. Pulse mode it’s like a full charged attack on your game logic. With Python you create a good hierarchy of the signal of sensors to avoid spamming your control bricks with useless signals (not sure that pulse mode lowers the fps, but pulse mode always reminds me a DDOS attack :smiley: