Update : German Moped->Hercules K50 (new image on pg. 2)

Hi folks!

Here’s one of my latest works, although there’s still no final render due to very long rendering times (12 hours and above) I’ll show you some of the latest renders and some WIP.

It’s a german moped from the 70’s and has got about 50ccm and 6,25hp with a top speed of approx. 90km/h. This model is an exact replica of the original I owned 12 years ago.

Here are the images:




The following images were taken from the WIP, thus some textures and materials have not been applied:





C&C always welcome.



Incredible work. Everything looks perfect, you deserve a star. :wink:

I’m also glad you put the bike in a scene as well, which makes for a much more interesting image to look at.

superb work

the second image is damn near photoreal :o

Goodie ! This is really nice work, good taste in texturing & good lighting.

I am very impressed. Incredible good Artwork.
Just 2 little questions: The Screw with which the Front Lamp is mounted.
It has 8 faces in the image. Is that true?
(Auf deutsch: Ist der Scheinwerfer mit einer 6kant oder 8kant-Schraube montiert :wink: ? )

How did you do the reflections on the ‘Schutzblech vorne’? HDRI-Image, Envmap?

Conclusion: Superb

right !

incredible work reset :o

i just tried to find some errors with which you can recognize it as a CGI, but those are really minor or just nit pickings

that’s just awesome. I dont know if it’d be more realistic if the gas tank didnt glow so much.

Wow very impressive. The scene really helps it look complete :smiley:

how’d you do the lens on the headlight?

looks awesome

Very good!! Great scene also. Maybe a displacement map for the number-plate?

(Echt nur noch geil! Besonders gefällt mir irgendwie der verwarzte Stromkasten, der sieht so schön vertraut aus… fehlen nur noch halb abgerissene Plakate für Konzis und Demos…)


Edit: Just remembered, my neighbour has one of these…

Thank you guys for all your replies, I’m always glad to post my artwork here. :slight_smile:

How did you do the reflections on the ‘Schutzblech vorne’? HDRI-Image, Envmap?

It’s an ordinary photo from a street scene and it’s angular mapped.

Ist der Scheinwerfer mit einer 6kant oder 8kant-Schraube montiert

It has eight edges, I know it should be 6, but I leave them as they are, since all the screws have eight edges %|

Maybe a displacement map for the number-plate?

At the moment it’s only bump mapping, you’re right, displacement would help a lot.

how’d you do the lens on the headlight?

I’ve applied a black/white bump map with simple rectangles on it.
Then Alpha 0.2, RGB 0.8 each, Ray Mirror 0.2 , IOR 1.33 for glass



Very good work. model is spot on.

Now for the nitpicking points :

  • lighting in 2nd picture does not match background imho. The bike has strong highlights when background is very diffuse lighted.

  • textures of saddle and tyres could be improved.

Still impressive job

rare model …

good work

The first was good but after that…Sniff…you just became my hero man.
You should get medal for this ,I mean look at that bike up againt that wall man.Let me stop the butt kissing its just really good to see this is done in blender.

Very nice work - I like it a lot! The second image with the dirty maintenance box is my favourite.

The model reminds me of Helge Schneider’s song ‘Moped Tobias’ :D.


and a small “Ritzel” on rear weel … police will notice!


As usual, great work… I can only imagine the amount of time you put into this…

Thank you again, guys, for your nice comments.

I have to say, that there were some forums, where my work wasn’t even noticed.

About the amount of work: I can’t count the hours but I think there were more than 150 hours of work, rendering times not included.

Blender get’s really hard when the number of vertices grows over 800.000

Later then



I would like to make “k50_scene” one of my desktop wallpapers. Is there any way I could get a higher-res version?

BTW, my wife thinks it is one of the coolest renders ever. She said “Oooo, that’s cool. Is there more?” So I’m not alone in appreciating it…

Thanks :wink: