Updating blender

Hello everyone!!!

I’m between projects but I have a little bit of free time and I was thinking about updating Blender to actually be able to use geometry nodes.

The projects that I’m working on are not finished and I’m afraid of updating and corrupting old files with the update (if that could happend, I don’t know). Currently I’m in version 2.90.1.

Do you guys know of any safe way to update? How can I keep Blender updated for next time without loosing any addons, etc?

Thanks for your time!

I had some addons issue when 2.8 was released, I just stopped using it. Blender default since them. No more problems. For a more stable environment stick to LTS versions, other updates are too fast to addons devs to keep up.

Hi @nachoalgar.

You can have different versions of Blender side by side, for example:

For this second Blender installation, I advice you to create a portable version:

  • just download Blender as a ZIP file

  • extract this ZIP file to the folder of your choice

  • inside the 2.93 folder (depending on the version of Blender that you choose to download, this sub-folder might be “3.0” or “3.1”…), create a “config” sub-folder:

  • launch that version of Blender

  • customize the preferences, your custom hotkeys, install your favourite add-ons and save preferences

  • close Blender and relaunch it

  • check the content of this “config” sub-folder, you should notice that it now contains these files:

This means that this specific portable version will store its preferences / add-ons / settings in that “config” folder and not in C:\Users\your-username\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\

Alternatively, you can also use this add-on to backup and restore your preferences, add-ons, settings, etc: [Addon] Blender Backup Manager


Okay @xan2622 so I’m guessing with this method I will have to download addons sepparately right? So if I download one addon to the latest version or viceversa, it won’t be in the other one am I correct?

Thanks for your time

You can download your add-ons once and store them in a folder of your choice.

Then yes, in each instance of Blender, you can activate separately your favorite add-ons.

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Nice @xan2622 thank you so much for your time and help