Uruk Hai Soldier


(Donchuan3d) #1

Inspired by the LOTR characters. I decided to make one soldier of my own. Lots of monster models are rendered in dark enviroments but I wanted mine to be in bright daylight. At the last picture you can see a preview of all renders I made. I usually make a first render that works as a basic point from where I decide what do I have to work on… it is something I like to do because I have the feeling you can focus on it more than when you look at it through the preview window in Blender.

(kkar) #2

Me likey a lot, however it would be much better if the skin density varies a bit. That is what is flattening the forms a bit, due to bump/displacement.

(KurtF) #3

At first glance I thought you put an actor into some excellent makeup and did a photo shoot in the woods someplace. Well done.

(Donchuan3d) #4

It is kind of the vibe I wanted to get :sweat_smile: so I am glad you see it that way. Thanks!

(Donchuan3d) #5

Thanks for the feedback :blush: I did this when I was kind of starting with blender so I didn’t even know how to make UVs :sweat_smile: so it was hard to have a good control of the texture

(FlyingBanana) #6

Kind of starting Blender? As in just started using Blender but have a good bit of experience in other software? Cause if this is the result of “Kinda starting out in blender and 3d in general” then I am way out of my league. This is beyond awesome I agreed with @KurtF on thinking it was an actor outside and there was some sort of other vfx or something that was done in Blender to land it on the feature row.

Awesome job man and great creation all around.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

You’re #featured! :+1:


stunning work.
i like your Intention of the daylight-setting. in LOTR there are scenes with orcs (Maybe also some Uruk hais? :thinking: ) that are also in daylight. i thinks this lets pop your model out.
Its a little bit sad when i see some other meshes like this, placed in a dark location, becaus details could be lost with this.
great Job!

(Astro1derboy) #9

I agree with some others in that the facial bump mapping (pores) seems a little strong . . . HOWEVER, this is a fantastic work!! Very nice!! :sunglasses:

(sundialsvc4) #10

Very nice bad-guy, and he looks good in the light. Not that I’d want to see him at camera-distance . . .

(kabu) #11

This guy has scaled skin and aged-white hair. Clearly a thousand battles thorn-veteran… :cold_face:

(Donchuan3d) #12

I appreciate the comment! Thanks! Yes before that I had half year of cinema 4D, which isn’t best program for almost anything :smiley: (in my opinion, seriously, stay in Blender) but it was nice as an introduction to 3D. Besides that I only apply the simple rule of focusing on small parts to make a greater result. That is why I decided to share the different render views I had before getting to the final :blush:

(Donchuan3d) #13

Thanks very much! And yes those are the scenes and the film look I love… When you can really see what is going on and appreciate the makeup work.

(Donchuan3d) #14

Awesome Bart, thank you!

(Nanomanpro) #15

Highest level !

(Calzaath) #16

Excellent work!

(rombout) #17

Wow, the fact that you have less than a year of 3d experience baffles my mind. ALmost seems impossible by the complexity of this model. Have you been learning every day or so for a year straight. Most people are still in the baby steps in a yeats and keep to box modeling and square shapes. Doing figures, characters and smooth shapes comes after primary step i guess.

Well done


Bro, I love this! (I’m a LOTR fan :slight_smile: ) you should make the white hand print a little more visible.
I hope to be able to achieve this someday.

(Michael Litherland) #19

I really like the almost reptilian take on the skin. Took me a bit to adjust, but it’s creative. Well done!

(Donchuan3d) #20

Thanks! yes well, that was at the time :slight_smile: now I have about a year in Blender and have created more complex projects. For the first few months I did learn everyday, usually after work I just surfed the net for tutorials and workflow tips. Also what helps me is making something difficult… I always make a sketch and don’t care about technical things…then as I usually encounter a lot of problems in the making process, solving problems pushes me forward a lot… I believe it is more effective than learning how to make a 3D visualisation by a single tutorial :sweat_smile: better when you have to watch other 6 tutorials to fix problems.