Use one base mesh to create multiple different characters

I have made a human base mesh and rigged it and set it up with shape keys so that it is ready to be animated. Now I want to use this mesh to create new characters by keeping the general body shape, rig and shape keys and only change some details like the face and hair of the character to make a new character without having to do the whole modeling, rigging and shaping process over again.
So in conclusion I want to use this one female character to build all the other female characters.
Can someone help?

I am just guessing here because i have not done it.

  • You can create a shape key and sculpt the new head in. Not sure about the detail/resolution of the mesh
  • Copy the rig to the new mesh?
  • Multiresolution modifer will defenetly help here. Set it up with the base mesh and copy the rig with the mesh. On a higher level you can sculpt in the new face.

I think thats how the human Progress product is doing it but you can look there he explained it somewhere…

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