UV Equalize and Tube Unwrap addons (updated)

hi, can you send me a blend i can test?

Hi Carbon,

here’s the file. I thing i would like to notice which is. The meshes arent properly uv unwrapped. I unwrapped them using Sure UVW mapping, perhaps this causing the issue. I havent tried unwrapping them properly to see what happens than.

As i looked into the file, this is expected behavior. if you have object with not averaged uvs as a source, then result will be distorted by it. Solution is to check Pack Islands and uvs will be averaged and packed at single object level first, then averaged between objects.
I wrote the addon to fit into my workflow, and i always have one object / one material. And never forget to average islands scale and pack islands. ctrl+a, ctrl+p, not thinking about it :slight_smile: then i just select all objects which have same material and equalize scale of uvs, done.

Anyway a changed text of the button to be more verbose about what it does, now it is called ‘Average Scale and Pack Islands’.
Also, i’ve found minor bug, not related to your problem and this is fixed now. Go and install new version (0.2.3)

Okay well to bad. I need to average the scale better than. for now i cant do it cause i setup a lot in the scene already. Making each and every item separate is really hard to pull off in big scene i think

PS thanks for looking into it. ill check the update.

Aloha Carbon2,
since a while I enjoy your script “Tube UV Unwrap”. Recently I tried to install “UV Equalize” under Blender 2.73a, but somehow it fails. I tried it the same way as the Tube-Script, in the Preferences installing the script from file as new Add-On. But after installing it doesn’t appear in the list of the Add-Ons, so i can’t activate it. In addition, the script isn’t listed in the object menu. But the script-file is correctly placed into the Blender profile folder on HD, next to the tube-script.
Any idea what goes wrong here?
For your feedback many thanks in advance,

edit 02-Jul-15: all ok, turned out i downloaded the file in a wrong way. now it works.

I wasn’t aware of this script till yesterday… What an useful addon!!!

Thank you very much, Carbon2!

Will certainly come in handy, thanks.

tube uv unwrap updated to 2.8, uv equalize is now obsolete…


many, many thanks for keeping this great script up-to-date. for me it is by far the most helpful addon. Not tested in 2.82 yet, but it worked fine in 2.81.