uv face select mode missing in latest svn build

i’ve just made a new svn build of blender and the uv face select mode isn’t available in the list of mode options. has it been moved somewhere else or is this a bug?


The uv face mode has been removed for a few weeks now. It was a useless mode anyway which is why it has been merged with the edit mode. So while in editmode simply press the ukey to open the unwrapping menu. According to the SVN logs Campell is reworking the uv editor and he hasn’t “only” improved the existing tools, but has made a few changes such as removing the uv face mode to speed up the workflow (which is wayyyy faster than it had been in previous builds) :wink:

thanks for that alarionfirn.

interesting idea merging uv face select into edit mode. i like the sound of that.

i’ve been playing around with it and it’s really nice. before i kept having to switch to edit mode to mark seams and then back to uv face select to unwrap. this new system makes so much more sense. :yes:

oh yes
now we have textured edit mode?

What what? This system makes no sense at all, Edit Mode is for modifying the mesh, in Face Select you can use ALT+RMB and ALT+SHIFT+RMB to create new seams, and with the hidden RT: setting in the scene buttons set to 8you have automatic unwrapping as you add seam. Also you could see the model textured. Are all these things still present in the new “Merged” version? Because they better be.

I doubt the ALT functionality is still there, because in Edit Mode ALT is for selecting edge loops, so what is it now? CTRL? That won’t work, since that is for Extruding/Duplicating a selection. Basically it sounds like a perfectly good system was ruined because somebody didn’t know the shortcuts for Face Select Mode.

Explain please.


yes sir, at long last, we can see the textures in EditMode, in potatoe mode of course.

Mystery: How about you actually try it before going on a tirade about what may or may not be there. Crazy suggestion, I know, but I’m just a trailblazer like that.

EDIT: Also, it’s a heavy WiP, as listed, so try also waiting 'till its finished, because it sounds like you’re gearing yourself up to rant, and that’s never good for anyone.

textured edit mode is great.

mystery- i like the idea of putting the uv face select features into edit mode. saves having to switch between the two. i’m sure the shortcuts you mentioned could be put into edit mode too.

IamInnocent- “potato mode”, nice. :smiley:

It works really well for pushing verts while taking into account the location of the uv texture - I hope the texture paint will be added as well.

I like it too, after I took some time to rearrange my edit button panels on all of the 3 … 4 … however many screens I have that deal with modeling.

I usually modle in a two-up setup (left is persp or free angle ortho, right is grid ortho from whichever side is relevant, buttons along the bottom like usual), and now I can just switch my ortho view to a uv window and back. It’s the first time I feel I can switch editing modes without making a whole new screen for it.

I couldn’t find any docs for it though. Is there a way to hilight / limit selection to / blink / anything the faces selected in the uv window, in the 3d window? If not, this would be a cool feature; I keep going “what the heck is this deformed mess of an island” after unwraping and sometimes it can take a while for me to figure out what area it represents …

Even better than the “potatoe” textured view is the normal “solid” shaded view
with texture drawing switched on, try it:

in Object Mode press “z” for solid shading and than press “Shift+T” now the
textures you´ve assigned to the UV´s in the Image Editor will be drawn too
with Solid OpenGL lights, also in Edit Mode!! That´s a lot nicer than the
potatoe view IMHO.

Bye, Olaf

try pressing ‘u’ in edit mode as the docs say.

Woah, you can see textures and such in edit mode now, that will come in handy.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the GLSL shaders?

It doesn’t.

This is just the good old draw code ported to edit mode.


I may of sounded a bit hot headed there but I’m just pointing out some things that could go wrong if you combine the two modes. You could of just as easily made points on how it still works instead of giving out crazy suggestions, and although the shortcut keys will probably be added (they’re not there now), the hidden RT function could be easily missed (it doesn’t work anymore), hopefully it’ll be turned into an actual feature.


PS: Seeing textures in Edit Mode is awesome.

I just unwrapped my first serious texturing job with the latest build, and I would have gone CRAZY if I had to keep on switching to UV face mode. That plus the shift+T shorcut in solid mode made things pretty intuitive, I love it!

You did sound pretty hot-headed there, sorry if I reacted irrationally.

But on the subject of you pointing out things that could go wrong, this is a third-party artists site. Srsly, It’s not really an official dev contact, even if some of the devs do hang out. You’d be much better reaching them through the committers/funboard mailing list, or on the IRC channel or forums or some such, instead of explaining your worries to a bunch of half-witted artists who couldn’t program ‘hello world’ in C without a large, indexed tutorial and a reference guide. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s probably not a lot many people here who could help you, me included.

Anyway, for the same reason that you shouldn’t be complaining too loudly, I cannot really explain why it still works, the reason being that it’s a WiP. It’d probably be better to just wait until it’s at least a little older, with regards to feature set.

I think it’s pretty sweet so far, though.




can we vertex paint when we are in edit mode now?

I use UV face select with the vertex mode all the time to flood fill a vertex color on specific faces.

I hope we can still do that trick.

I really like the idea of being able to unwrap stuff while I model :slight_smile:

Thanks Ideasman :smiley: