[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

Yes, im using last pro version.
Sorry can’t send you the file. But in the model around 8k uv islands and tons of overalps

Gumroad doesn’t allow me to buy the pro version because I’ve already bough extended.

Yeah, gumroad is daft like that. You need to email Glukoz at [email protected] so he can give you a discount code for the pro version. Make sure you send the request from the e-mail address you used for buying the extended version.

Thanks for the answer. I emailed him but it seems that the packmaster team is at the world cup right now and can’t answer at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

jellbelle, thanks for reporting this issue,
I will try to reproduce it as soon as I come back from the vacation. Please consider scaling your 3d geometry to a single point and sending you UV layout - it will make debugging a lot easier.

NinthJake, I will send you a discount code as soon as possible.

Bought this last night, awesome work there @glukoz Thanks for this addon. :grinning:

Also nice tool from there for texel density

So… how is it going?

Today I am finally back home and start hard work immediately :slight_smile: My coworker has a few days of vacation more so he will join me soon.

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Still nothing?

There is something: :wink:


  • Mac support was finally added
  • New option for folks who really don’t care about their UV topology: Process Self-Intersecting UV Faces
  • A lot of code was refactored in order to speed up further development process. What is more this refactoring allowed us to add a few improvements to the user experience in this release: add-on progress reports are more exact now: it not only reports progress of the actual packing, but also progress of topology analysis. Overlap check and area measurement may be cancelled in the middle of operation now.

For Mac users: pay special attention to OS-specific Requirements and Known Issues sections of the product description on gumroad.

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I would like to see the option to save the scale (pre-scale disable) :slightly_frowning_face:

hi, thanks for osx version, works on 10.10 too (in docs you stated 10.11). i took a risk, purchased pro version and it works just fine :slight_smile:

mac7ua, I think it can be done in the next release.

carbon2, it’s great to hear that add-on works on older systems as well :slight_smile:

We’ve prepared a picture showing the differences between versions in graphical form:

That’s just smoking!
But what about material grouping? Is it finished, or still in WIP phase?

Don’t worry, material grouping improvements are planned in the next release :slight_smile:


great news this is by far the best packer for blender based on speed and features. I hope you keep developing it, since this is for me starting to replace my previous abandonware IpackThat.

Thank you for the kind words - such posts give us a lot of motivation :slight_smile:

Just tried it on a complex model I did last year with 3ds Max. Many curved shapes, many tiny islands. Back then UV packing was done with PolyUnwrap and lots of manual improvements. I don’t know any more how much time I spent on it but it must have been one or two hours at least.

According to UVPackmaster I achieved 65% coverage. 2 minutes of recalculation later: 73%. This is awesome.