[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(actimelvanille) #101

so next will be a “superb” version followed by a “boombastic” version, etc.? :wink:
or will the pro version be the final one and additional money will be generated by additional customers?
great updates btw! :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #102

Tosky, automatic ‘measure area after packing’ feature would be a nice option, I will add it to our roadmap.

actimelvanille, no no no - two paid versions is definitely enough :slight_smile: Also note that it is not like we stop developing the extended version, we are still going to add new features into it (for example I think that aforementioned ‘automatic measure area’ feature would be available for the extended version as well). Simply we don’t want people to pay for features which they don’t really need. Thanks to the pro version we can keep the extended version price lower :slight_smile:

(actimelvanille) #103

Ah cool, great to hear @glukoz :slight_smile:
The packer is definitely worth the money! :+1:

(jellbelle) #104

what about to replace margin to two padding values: border padding and padding between shells?

(SilverTill) #105

Any documentation? Or how about a few U-Tube videos showing how to use this add-on.

Thanks, Bill

(glukoz) #106

Sorry for late respone, note we are currently visiting World Cup in Russia so our responses might be delayed.

Regarding the documentation: note that all options with not straightforward meaning have wide descriptions included together with the add-on. In order to see the description of the given option you have to hover your mouse on option name for a few seconds. Same descriptions are included in the product page on gumroad.

And also if you still have any doubts you can ask a question here, I will answer as fast as possible :slight_smile:

(SilverTill) #107


Thanks for the response, my problem is using Packmaster for UV mapping. Its hard to find and implementation is not obvious.

Thanks, Bill

(Way2Close) #108

Hey just bought the pro version and it’s incredible, is there anyway of adding face overlapping detection (select faces inside islands that are overlapping) This has been missing from blender for so long and if anyone can do it you guys can lol

And also would it be possible to add margin size presets for standard texture sizes? (
256 = 2px
512 = 4px
1024 = 8px
2048 = 16px
4096 = 32px)

(glukoz) #109

SilverTill, what do you mean by UV mapping in this particular case? Note that UVPackmaster is designed for UV packing, not mapping.

Way2Close, per face overlap check is something we will add in the future.

(jellbelle) #110

(glukoz) #111

Are you using the most recent add-on release? If so, could you send us a blend file with the faulting UV layout? Thanks

(jellbelle) #112

Yes, im using last pro version.
Sorry can’t send you the file. But in the model around 8k uv islands and tons of overalps

(NinthJake) #114

Gumroad doesn’t allow me to buy the pro version because I’ve already bough extended.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #115

Yeah, gumroad is daft like that. You need to email Glukoz at [email protected] so he can give you a discount code for the pro version. Make sure you send the request from the e-mail address you used for buying the extended version.

(NinthJake) #116

Thanks for the answer. I emailed him but it seems that the packmaster team is at the world cup right now and can’t answer at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

(glukoz) #117

jellbelle, thanks for reporting this issue,
I will try to reproduce it as soon as I come back from the vacation. Please consider scaling your 3d geometry to a single point and sending you UV layout - it will make debugging a lot easier.

NinthJake, I will send you a discount code as soon as possible.

(spydurhank) #118

Bought this last night, awesome work there @glukoz Thanks for this addon. :grinning:

(1D_Inc) #119

Also nice tool from there for texel density

(Bohdan Lvov) #120

So… how is it going?

(glukoz) #121

Today I am finally back home and start hard work immediately :slight_smile: My coworker has a few days of vacation more so he will join me soon.