[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

Thank you for the fast answer! Ok, I think I understand my mistake. I’ll try.


I am having an issue with the packing device being constantly reset back to CPU whenever I reopen the file. Packing device is a preference, not a scene setting, so it does not make much sense for it to be saved with the scene, let alone forgotten after scene reopening.

It happens far too often that I am curious why my packing got so much slower just to find out it’s been reset back to CPU again.

Yes, saving a packing device in a scene might be problematic if you open the blend file on a computer where the given device is not present.

What about saving the device in a preset file?

It would not help at all if there are any manual steps involved. The only thing that makes sense to me is saving it per Blender installation/deployment.


STANDARD and PRO edition improvements:

  • “Heuristic Search Time” option is back! You can choose again the number of seconds the heuristic algorithm will run be running. After timeout is reached the packer will stop and the best result found will be automatically applied to the UV map.
  • New button: “Load Packing Box From Preset” - you can load the packing box coordinates saved in a preset file, other parameters won’t be affected

PRO edition features:

  • In this update a new UDIM-related functionality was added to the pro edition: packing to tiles with fixed scale. In this mode the add-on will pack islands to many tiles without scaling them. If there is no room to pack an island in the current tile, it will be packed into the next tile.

The add-on interface was slightly refactored in order to incorporate the new functionality - the “Grouping Mode” parameter was replaced by the “Packing Mode” parameter. Currently add-on provides following packing modes:

  • SINGLE TILE - standard packing to a single tile
  • PACK TO TILES (FIXED SCALE) - new functionality added in this release
  • GROUPS TOGETHER - counterpart of a grouping mode available in the previous release
  • GROUPS TO TILES - counterpart of a grouping mode available in the previous release

Apart from that this update introduces other minor improvements and bug fixes, 3 most important are:

  • the add-on should remember the last packing device used after Blender is closed.
  • a critical fix for crash when GPU packing was used together with the “Pack To Others” option.
  • further improvements of compatibility with older Linux distributions


  • remove the previous add-on version (if installed)
  • install the new release
  • restart Blender
  • activate the new release

I bought the pro edition here a couple weeks back, and I have to say, it’s a brilliant add-on. It’s quick, easy to use, produces excellent results, and saves me from the freakishly boring exercise in tedium that is UV packing.




I bought the pro 1.9 edition, is there an upgrade discount for 2.0? I sent an email to you @glukoz

I’ve just sent you a code on your e-mail :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that I send codes once a day, so the maximal time of waiting for a code is 24 hours (in the worst case).

Thanks glukoz!

I also have the 1.9 version from gumroad. Do I need buy the 2.0 version? Was a bit confused as I still use the old one.

In order to upgrade from UVP1 to UVP2 you only need to pay the difference between the UVP2 price and the amount you paid for the first version. See the “Upgrade note” section on the product page for details.

Ah I see and I sent an email about that!

For packing method I wonder if “use alphabetical/numerical order” can be added: your objects will be packed based on their first letter/number of their name, f.e. “1body” will be placed on the left low area of UV (like into a tile), “2cap” will be placed on his right side, “3hely” above the left low area already occupied by “1body” and so on.
If you have two separated objects named as “1body.001” and “1body.002” then they’ll be packed togheter as if they have the same identical name.

Keep in mind that a similar scheme can be applied with the current add-on version:

  • select “Groups To Tiles” packing mode
  • use “Object” as grouping method
  • tweak the “Tiles In Row” parameter
  • if you still want all UVs to fit into [0-1] UV square simply tweak the packing box accordingly (packing box determines first tile boundaries when packing to tiles, so if you set packing box to, say, [0.0 - 0.5] x [0.0 - 0.5] and “Tiles In Row” to 2, then 4 tiles will fit into the [0-1] UV square perfectly).

Above method should work similarly to one you described because the add-on should assign groups to object using alphabetical order. The only limitation for now is it won’t be able to treat “1body.001” and “1body.002” as a single group.

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Links at the top of post sends me to gumroad uv packmaster that this is not for sale.
What is the link to purchase the pro version?

In the description of the old version you will find a link to the new one.

Found it, thanks.

Is there a one-step way to pack to two (or more) UDIM tiles with scaling? Packing to tiles doesn’t change the island sizes and using a 2x1 packing box doesn’t prevent islands from crossing between the two tiles. Am I missing something?

Currently the only way to do this is to split UV islands to two groups (for example using two distinct materials) and then use ‘Groups To Tiles’ packing mode.

We will add functionalities to handle such use case better in future releases.