[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(the_motionblur) #182

I seem to get a lot of overlapping when I set the maring lower than the regular 0.005 in the settings.
Especially if the UVs have long, thing and/or curved islands mixed in.
It’s not that big of a deal since the benefits atill by far outweigh anything else for me, so far. But maybe it’s something you can look into some time in the future? :slight_smile:

(using the Expanded edition)

Either way thanks for making this tool. I love it. It should be integrated into Blender by default.

(glukoz) #183

@cgstrive What do you mean by “UV must overlap”? Would you like UVs to overlap intentionally? If so check whether ‘Lock Overlapping’ option will satisfy your needs.

@the_motionblur Note that you can avoid overlapping islands after decreasing the margin value by increasing the ‘Iterations’ parameter.

(cgstrive) #184

Packing does not start regardless of this option:

UV should overlap at corners as demonstrated in above post, otherwise Brick texture will be warped or not continuous.

(the_motionblur) #185

Oh okay. I thought I tried that but I will give it another go tomorrow. :slight_smile:
Thanks - I’ll let you know how it worked out.

(glukoz) #186

@cgstrive In order to pack those islands you should adjust topology options.

BTW: RELEASE 1.8 is ready:

‘Process Self-Intersecting UV Faces’ option was improved. Now with this option enabled add-on can also process islands with 0 area. It basically means that now add-on can process islands with any topology. In other words: ‘Process Self-Intersecting UV Faces’ guarantees that ‘Invalid Topology’ error will never happen. Encountering a topology error with this option enabled is now considered a bug which should be reported to us :slight_smile: The good news is that this improvement is available in both packer versions: extended and professional.

We added a new operator: Validate UVs. This operator performs the detailed validation of currently selected UV faces. In result it selects all faces from the set which are considered invalid. Invalid faces are:

  • faces which are self-intersecting
  • faces with area close to 0
  • faces overlapping other faces.

As any functionality from UVPackmaster the validation procedure is very efficient - it’s all thanks to our sophisticated algorithms :slight_smile: Note that validation operator is available in the pro version only.

What else? The corner case with square islands packing was fixed (no chessboard anymore, though it wasn’t very problematic issue as default Blender packer is good enough in square packing :wink: ) Beyond that we included a few minor improvements.

And the best of all: despite adding new features and improvements the price of the add-on stays the same for now.

(the_motionblur) #187

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
Packing with more iteration worked really well.

I noticed that the maximum packing interations at the moment are 10.000. OUt of curiosity -would it be possible for the future to add an option of simply letting the algorithm pack and iterate until the user interupts?

(edit) Yeah - on second thought: Scratch that. I think 10k ist enough for the time being :wink:

(uku) #188

sir after checking the demo i must say this is definitely worth buying ! XD
Eh… is there a way to buy it somewhere else ? tried to pay from my paypal and it doesnt seam to work on gumroad ;/

(Bohdan Lvov) #189

oh my, this is awesome!

(Bohdan Lvov) #190

This validations feature is just fantastic and huge time saver!
Looks like there’s a gazillion checkboxes now. :smiley:

(glukoz) #191

@uku Gumroad is the only option for now. If you experience an issue with paypal payment on gumroad you should write directly to [email protected].

(Veezen) #192

I testing right now EXTENDED version and I got error with invalid topology encounter. I tested DEMO and it was fine. Some soluition?

@edit I thought that I made somethinf wrong with UV so I tested this addon on some simplie meshes - box, suzanne, etc, and everytime I use this addon I got that error.

(uku) #193

yeah i got similar error with just few boxes attached together :frowning:

(glukoz) #194

@Veezen @uku What is the exact error message? Does it say “adjust topology options”? If so, simply make sure “Extended Topology Analysis” and “Process Self-Intersecting UV Faces” options are enabled and check whether the issue still persist. If it won’t solve your problem please send us a blend file containing the faulting UV map.

(uku) #195

Well the strange thing is i get this even with simple cube :frowning:
here’s the blend file

Worcks fine with “Extended Topology Analysis” but still strange issue.

(glukoz) #196

Don’t worry, it is pretty expected :slight_smile: Extended analysis is required because you probably unwrap cube with no margins. Simply use extended analysis in such cases.

[EDIT] I have just checked your file and noticed that you didn’t actually unwrapped a cube with no margin. Your UV map shouldn’t require enabling extended analysis indeed. I’ve done a fast debug and found a bug which was causing this behavior. It is only present in the extended version. Fortunately it was easy to fix. We are going to release an update with a hotfix soon. The simple workaround for now is to enable extended analysis - the packer will work as expected.

Thank you for help with finding this :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #197


After waiting some time to check whether other bugs will be identified by users we can now release a quick update with fixes. Apparently only one bug was found so the update contains only one fix - for the topology analysis in the extended version. Note that other add-on versions (demo and pro) won’t benefit from this update at all.

P.S. Only one bug for a major release is a quite nice result - isn’t it? :wink:

(Maks) #198

Hi. i need some help. I mistakenly bought the extended version but wanted to buy pro. how I can update the version to pro? i know what i need to write letter, but i dont`t have developer mail. I have product in my librari, i have receipt but I have no letters on my email from developers.
sorry for my english. maybe i made mistakes.

(glukoz) #199

Simply send an e-mail to [email protected]. Make sure you write from an e-mail address you used to buy the extended version. I will send you a discount code in reply.

(Maks) #200

thank you. i will send

(MattVG) #201

Thank you for this awesome addon. It makes life a lot easier :slightly_smiling_face:

The one issue I’ve had is compatibility with the Blender Tabs Interface addon. For some reason, UV Packmaster doesn’t show up under the tabs, so I have to disable the tabs, work with UV Packmaster, then reenable the Tabs Interface addon.
Note: I have the Pro version of UV Packmaster

I don’t know if the issue is with UV Packmaster or the Tabs Interface addon, but I’ve now informed the both of you of my issue.

Thanks again for this addon!