[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(Stromberg) #21

@glukoz sweet, gonna check out the extended version :slight_smile:
When I first tried the addon I got that error several times, but I can’t reproduce it right now, if I get it again I will send the file your way.

(fiendish55) #22

This is very fast packing solution for blender and I highly recommend it.

Keep it going this is currently fastest packer that gives way better packs than blender internal ever could!

Could it be possible to swap current coverage % to addon “t” panel so user can see it all the time? Info panel is kinda clunky because it can show only one note at the time.

(RaphaelBarros) #23

Could someone do a test showing its capabilities on fewer islands (10>)? I just bought another UV packing addon, but this one seems to good to pass.

Edit: I meant less than 10, not more.

(glukoz) #24

What about this one:

Rotation Resolution: 10
Iterations: 250
Margin: 0.003
Packing time: a few seconds.

(RaphaelBarros) #25

That’s great, thank you for the quick response.

(actimelvanille) #26

hey there :slight_smile:

it seems it is not working correctly when using non-square uv layouts.
once i enable rotate the uv islands get streched/sheared.

and on square layouts it is rotating islands not only in 90° steps when setting rotation resolution to 1.
islands are slightly rotated by a few degree.

am i doing something wrong maybe?

cheers chris

(glukoz) #27

Hello :slight_smile:

Non-squered UV layouts are not supported yet, but we have it in our road map.

When you enable rotations the add-on first does initial rotation to the optimal orientation on every island and then generates other orientations from it. So what you see is expected.

(actimelvanille) #28

Could you add an option to disable that pre-rotation since i usually rotate the islands perfectly straight by myself :slight_smile:
and the addon at the moment does this:

when do you think non-square layouts will be supported? :slight_smile:

Also on some UV island I get an “invalid topology encountered” message.
What kind of topology is invalid for the packer?


It’s not better directly put a slider with “step angle” and that it only allow 0, 5, 10, 20,…90, 180?

(glukoz) #30

You ask, we listen:

Release 1.1 of the add-on is available on gumroad with a non-squared texture support (available in the extended version only) :slight_smile: This version also contains option to disable pre-rotation as requested by actimelvanille.

We will consider interface change regarding ‘Rotation Resolution’ option.

Regarding invalid topology issues: packer requires all islands to have clean, no self-overlapping boundaries (by boundaries I mean the outer boundary and inner holes boundaries). Also it is not allowed that single UV vertex belongs to two boundaries at the same time. If you believe you see topology error while not falling to any of the categories listed above, send a blend file with offending island (3D geometry may be scaled to singe point if you don’t want to share your work). We will take a look on it.

(Stromberg) #31

Would be nice to have a progressbar, so I know that it hasn’t crashed or if I should lower my settings.

(actimelvanille) #32

haha, awesome glukoz, great you were able to integrate it so fast!! :slight_smile:
many thanks, perfect timing :smiley:

oh, and i found the reason for the error message … there was a tiiiiny overlap. once i moved the uvs it worked as expected. :slight_smile:

(actimelvanille) #33

i just tried the non square packing and got a question.
maybe i am doing something wrong but i attached screenshots of what is happening.
1st image: blender packing where you can see that all uvs are square
2nd image: packmaster with “use texture ratio” turned off
then i did an undo to return to blender packing
3rd image: packmaster with “use texture ratio” turned on
4th: image: click “pack” again with “use texture ratio” turned on
i also attached the blend file in case you want to take a look :slight_smile:

cheers chris

cube.blend (485.7 KB)

(glukoz) #34

actimelvanille, the procedure is:

  • unwrap islands on the sqared UV area so all islands have proper proportions in this area.
  • switch to non-squared texture in the UV editor, you will see islands will have incorrect proportions
  • pack using UVPackmaster with “Tex Ratio” option enabled.
  • packed islands should have proper proportions.

Stromberg, the add-on has percentage progress indicator above version 1.0. Just download the new version from gumroad.

(Tosky) #35

So it preserve texel density ratio between uv islands? Just to 101% clarify.

(actimelvanille) #36

thanks glukoz,

if i do it like this it works. :slight_smile:

(RaphaelBarros) #37

Just bought it, but it keeps giving me a “Unexpected Error”, with most options grayed out and the ones which aren’t, also give a “Unexpected Error” as an error.

My mesh has applied scales, is has an armature and a multires modifiers (multires after armature). I’m not sure if it matters, but I guess is the only info I can give. Also, I tried the same mesh using other packing algo (Shotpacker) and it worked fine.

Tried on Blender 2.79b, Ubuntu 16.04. Both versions 1.0 and 1.1 give the same error.

(glukoz) #38

Tosky, yes it preserves texel density.

RaphaelBarros, I will install Ubuntu and debug the issue today. I am assuming you are on 64 bit, right?

(glukoz) #39

RaphaelBarros, I checked the add-on on the fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and it works fine. Are you sure you are on a 64 bit system?

Send me your e-mail in a private message (same you used for buying the add-on) and I will send you back a more portable version of the add-on in order to check whether it fixes your issue.

(glukoz) #40

I would like to announce the new release of the add-on:

Release 1.2

The main feature of the new release is ability to add new islands to existing packing: